30/30 Bubble Butt

Strong and powerful glutes not only make the touch more pleasant but can stop the passerby. Gluteal muscles straighten and fix the trunk and keep a significant part of the weight of the human body. If you love football, volleyball, hockey, basketball, and almost any kind of sport (except chess) with inflated booty it’ll be much easier to have better results.

Gluteal muscles are the engine of the body, and not just because it is the large muscle groups of the body, but also because they are used in any physical activity. Developed gluteus maximus muscle reduces the risk of back pain and lower back and helps to keep your posture.

Powerful glutes will help you to keep your knees healthy and protect you from back pain. Buttocks hold the hip and the bone in the middle of the acetabulum, not allowing it to move out and cause pain in the hip. Gluteal muscles also provide the correct location of the knees towards the feet during sit-ups, jumps, and landings. In other words, the developed muscles do not allow your knees to grind against each other, and this is one of the common causes of pain in the knees and injuries.

Italians think buttocks bring good luck, and touch them before placing a bet. Radical Christians claim they’re proof of original sin, and therefore must be spanked. Ancient Greeks built a temple to them, while medieval Germans hung them out the door to repel Satan. Biologist Dennis Bramble says that our “huge” human butts are simply the means for us to run, and “keep you from pitching over on your nose each time a foot hits the ground.” Do you want a bubble butt you can be proud of?​​

30/30 Bubble Butt by Shawna Kaminski

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