4 Week Manifestation

4 Week Manifestation by Andrew Jakovic is a special training program for anyone who wishes to train their mind to focus on their goals so they can make the right decisions at the right time to accomplish everything they desire. The human brain is complicated, not just its composition but also how it works.

Everything we think, feel, experience, do and do not is directly influenced by our brain. Four Week Manifestation is a brain recalibration program so we can capitalize on the strengths and overcome the weakness.

Four Week Manifestation begins with a cleansing week. The first week is about getting rid of all the toxicity of our minds. Whether it is anger or grief, frustration or prejudice, everything has to be removed for the positive thoughts to thrive. The week successfully resets our mind so the subsequent brain recalibration is possible.

The second week is about building the foundation. One must focus on the priorities and hardwire the brain in a manner that it does not get distracted by the insignificant. This manual will help you to use your knowledge, to access memories and process new information with a lucid positive pursuit and not while dwelling on negative emotions.

The third week is about calibration, which some may refer to as recalibration. This week focuses on training your brain how to write your story in a way that favors your pursuits. It is necessary for the mind to be in sync with your desires so you can keep working on positive developments while not getting dragged back by any baggage from the past.

Since the past is already cleansed, whatever you train your brain to do at this stage is for the future. Finally, the fourth week will establish firm control of your brain. You will still have feelings and reactions beyond your control but you would be able to regulate how you respond and take actions that you must in pursuant to your objectives.

4 Week Manifestation by Andrew Jakovic

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