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For every person, from the moment of his birth, nature puts a certain purpose, a kind of strategic direction in which this person should move. The way to this goal during life, the events and situations encountered along the way, in the majority depend on the person, his behavior. This model is being laid at the moment of birth. The given name contains the parameters of this model in the packed (collapsed) form. The most important of these parameters is the number of Fate.

The number of name points to your talents, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. It is the core of your internal personality. Each letter of a name corresponding to its digit indicates talents and abilities inherent at birth. The number of fate is the sum of numerical values of letters, reveals the predominant feature of your personal portrait.

What you will become in the end, how close you will approach your true purpose, what you will achieve on the way to it depends on the degree of disclosure of the abilities inherent in you by nature and God from birth. By the way, in the guide by Numerologist, you will find many interesting things about how your destiny is connected with the numbers.

In the majority of cases, a person is known to others thanks to his name. The influence of the number of names manifests itself whenever a person is called by his name. Besides it there is the number of the full names also; its manifestation is not so often, only in the case of the pronunciation of all three components of a person’s full name. However, the full name used in a social environment and in official documents is a symbol of the numerological number of names. The number of names is calculated by adding the numerical values of the letters of the full name. Find below the interpretation of numbers of fate.

Number of fate 1

Being an innovator by nature, you are constantly searching for new ideas and methods of their implementation. You are ready to support anyone in any difficult moment, often limit yourself because of this. You are able to motivate, inspire and be responsible. Your persistence, determination, and confidence allow you to take the leader’s place in any society.

Number of fate 2

You are outgoing, patient, and you find a common language with absolutely all categories of people. You possess the ability to see right through a man thanks to well-developed intuition. Possessing excellent communication skills, you will easily find yourself in the sphere of working with people. Your high level of communication skills can make you an excellent diplomat.

Number of fate 3

You are adventurous, active and full of life personality. You are able to perform a large amount of work. Your energy and mobility are able to inspire others and motivate them to productive activities. All your energy and dynamism can easily be sent in the direction of creativity. For example, you can easily realize yourself as a musician, a TV presenter or an actor.

Number of fate 4

Result-orientation and organizational skills help you turn your dreams into reality. You have a gift for oratory. You are able to represent and defend the interests of a team or an enterprise. You would be able to find yourself in management.

 Number of fate 5

You are a very talented person from the moment of birth. Your abilities will contribute to finding appropriate niches for your expression. To fully develop your talents, you should not limit freedom of action. You tend to communicate and travel.

Number of fate 6

You are a responsible, fair and conscientious person. Various responsibilities will give you peace of mind throughout life. You are responsive; you treat requests for assistance with love and understanding. You aim to protect public interests, treating your own interests with less preference. Constantly caring about others you may leave unsolved your potential talents.

Number of fate 7

You are a sensible, resourceful, and curious person. You are attracted to many fields of activities requiring high intellectual abilities. You have the flexibility of mind, the strength of spirit, ability to eliminate ambiguities. You constantly seek to discover new knowledge and find answers to previously intractable puzzles. Your outstanding abilities will find brilliant applications in the activities of a scientist or a teacher.

Number of fate 8

You are strong in spirit and a confident person. You want to achieve the best results in any field. Even in the most difficult situations, you do not allow yourself to lose heart.

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