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Certainly, one of the main problems that every person is interested in a certain period -is overweight. This problem has many potential solutions. But the most effective of this is the principle to prevent overweight, find and eliminate the cause that leads to an unwanted weight body. There are two main causes of weight gain:

  • physiological
  • psychological

Physiological causes of extra weight

The first place among all physiological causes is the wrong metabolism. Scientists have shown that people who tend to be overweight, have the body, which slowly converts the nutrients that enter the body through food, and later converted into energy. From this, it can be concluded that the excess food deposited on the human body is reserved in the form of fat.

In order to restore normal metabolism, you need to identify and eliminate the causes that provoked it. By the way, if you want to lose weight quickly, that you definitely need to download Robby Blanchard’s book 6 Week Shred. This weight loss guide is ideal for both men and women.

In the second place, it is human genetics. You’ve probably heard a lot of stories about that if your family are all likely to be overweight, then you will sooner or later replenish their ranks. All this is true if it were not for one thing – your genes are not responsible for the excess fat, resulting in the body, but heredity, which you possess, just defines your physique and nothing more.

The third cause of overweight can be different diseases. If all your attempts to lose weight are not crowned with success, you need to refer to the competent expert. After examination, you need to start treatment. To disease that provoking overweight includes endocrine diseases: hypothyroidism and diabetes, and many others. Also, do not forget that overweight can lead to the development of many diseases.

Firstly, the cardiovascular system is affected, then musculoskeletal, etc. Many people do not take seriously enough the cause of weight gain with the help of psychotropic drugs. It is in vain. Because the mechanism of action of neuroleptics on body weight is still not learned. Maybe, that can explain the fact of the sweet cravings during the use of these drugs.

Another set of the physiological causes of extra kilos is an imbalance in the production of female hormones. Violation of the hormonal system, in many cases, can become an obstacle to the ideal weight. After all, your hormones regulate all the functions of cells and glands. Therefore, you must make sure that your body produces them in the right quantity, but not in excess.

The last possible problem in our list, I can name pregnancy. During pregnancy, the body of any woman gets serious changes: the predominance begins accumulating and building processes. This metabolism is quite normal for a pregnant woman, because it is programmed by nature to give nutrients to the birth of a new life in her womb, and then during breastfeeding.

Quite often it is observed that this type of metabolism is and after pregnancy, the result of which is the accumulation of fatty deposits. You can lose that by revising your lifestyle and diet.

Psychological causes of extra weight

Psychological causes, as opposed to physiological, are indirect causes of excess kilos. In the first place, I decided to put the “sticking” problems. This is evident when you’re bored or you get angry or upset, the whole reason lies in the psychological discomfort.

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