Menopause Belly Fix

Many women are interested in how to lose weight during menopause, are there any special features in losing weight during this period? After all, they feel active, full of energy, beautiful. However, if a woman already had excess weight before menopause, menopause can aggravate the situation and lead to the development of obesity. Dear women, the guide by Shawna Kaminski presents a unique method of losing weight during menopause.

Be sure to download and read this manual if you have menopause and you suffer from excess fat on your stomach. I’m sure you’ll lose weight very quickly and look good again. Very often obesity with menopause can talk about serious changes occurring in the body, especially in the hormonal background, which needs to be adjusted with diet and hormone therapy. However, not always the extinction of sexual functions is the only reason why extra pounds appear.

The habit of seizing problems, not rational nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle – these are the most common reasons why a person recovers. If you have a climacterium, this does not mean that life has ended. You just entered a new and natural phase of your life. This phase needs to be simply experienced, enjoying every minute, enjoying all manifestations of life, and not just from eating.

Fasting, express diets are all not for you. They could “indulge” in their youth, but now such diets can aggravate your condition (depression, hot flashes, dizziness). The food should be varied and full, then you can lose weight without risk to your health. Four or six meals throughout the day and the portion should not be more than 300-350 grams, then they will go for energy needs, and not in the fat depot. To normalize the metabolism, a little to cleanse the body of toxins, drink 6-8 glasses of plain water a day. I wish all women good health!

Menopause Belly Fix by Shawna Kaminski

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