Rapid Fat Loss Framework

Do you have something so that your body refuses to lose weight? If this happened, and all attempts to change the situation with the loss of excess weight did not work, try using the advice from the guide by Health Hacks Publishing. We, wishing to lose weight, often resort to various diets, but the body can refuse to lose excess fat. Usually, this trend is observed in about a month after the start of the diet. Why? There may be three reasons for this:

  • Your body just wants to rest to cope with a sharp decline in the incoming calories;
  • The amount of calories consumed is equal to the number of calories consumed. This is good if you want to maintain the weight at one level, but not very much, if you want to lose a few pounds;
  • You have greatly reduced the number of calories coming in, so your body is in a state of hunger. This means that metabolic processes in your body slow down, in order to save more calories for life.

How to resume the process of burning calories? Increase the number of calories burned by the body, by increasing physical activity. For example, if you have 20 minutes of physical activity a day, increase this time to 25-30 minutes. This will be enough to push your body to spend energy reserves. If your physical activity is already quite intense and strength exercises prevail, then it should not be complicated, it must be diversified.

For example, do this proportion: 20 minutes of cardio exercise, 30 minutes of power. Avoid prolonged breaks in meals. If you want to lose weight and deny yourself a lunch or breakfast, then nothing good will not. Ideally, a woman needs to eat something light (fruit, vegetables) every 3 hours. Good luck, friends!

Rapid Fat Loss Framework by Health Hacks Publishing

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