Above the Ego

Many believe that with the right tools, any relationship can survive virtually any hardship. With the revolutionary marriage/relationship program Above the Ego, great research and other factors have been utilized to establish a program that promises to transform any relationship. Whether you have been married for a number of years, or if you have been seeing each other for only a few months, the strategies and tools offered in this guide can prove to be beneficial.

As the name of the program implies, it is designed to address one of the most destructive forces working against the heart of any relationship. Of course, this would be our egos. While it is important to be driven in life, our egos often confuse want with need. This is particularly true where it concerns our desire for pleasure. Our egos work to leave us feeling as though nothing is ever going to be true enough. It is the ego that compels us to seek out personal pleasures at the expense of everything else. This can even be applied to our relationships.

Without the proper tools to address the destructive potential of the individual’s ego, many relationships will quite simply fail. This is the core belief of this system. The program breaks things down into very simple terms, as it asks both members of a relationship to go on something of a journey.

This eBook demands a great deal from both parties, but it is also designed to leave those people with the ability to make meaningful changes to how they approach the needs and desires of their partner. By changing our relationship to the ego, the program allows us to focus on the things in our lives that actually matter. Couples that truly understand one another are couples that are often destined to be together for a very long time.

Above the Ego by Jose Emerson

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