Activate The Self Healing Process Within You

Healthy Self Healing is a program comprising an eBook and nine audio courses aimed at helping anyone to improve their health in a completely natural and holistic way. The primary course material is an eBook titled Activate The Self Healing Process Within You.

The nine audio courses available in discs are about ‘Eliminate the Fear of Disease’, ‘Take Back Control of Your Health’, ‘Lifestyle Medicine – The Practice of Active Self Healing’, ‘Quick Tips to Boost Your Immune System’, ‘Healthy Mind – Healthy Body’, ‘Mind Tricks for Dealing with Stress’, ‘Eating for Superior Health’, ‘Having a Health-Span to Match Your Life-Span’ and ‘Balancing Your Health Bank Account’.

Healthy Self Healing has been developed by celebrated holistic health & wellness coach Carolyn Hansen. Ms. Hansen owns and runs Anytime Fitness Gym at Whangarei in New Zeal and, which is also her hometown. An authority on exercise, weight loss, and health, Hansen has put together all her expertise and experiences into the program to help people around the world become their healthiest selves without relying on medicines or any unnatural remedy.

Tailored health and fitness programs are her forte and having worked with thousands of people over the years she has the first hand understanding of how one can live a healthy life, free from the plethora of common problems that millions around the world suffer from.

It is no secret that the pharmaceutical industry works hand in glove with the medical fraternity. There is one impenetrable nexus that holds back vital information, including revelations and discoveries, from the common people.

Everyone is led to believe and convinced that there is no other way than what the pharmaceutical companies, their researches, and doctors recommending their products, present and that there is no affordable or natural remedy to most health problems people suffer at various stages in life. Explore a completely natural and holistic way to remain healthy, safe and free from ailments with self-healing.

Activate The Self Healing Process Within You by Carolyn Hansen

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