Amber’s Pole Dancing Course

By | January 2, 2019

Imagine a slim, toned body and mastering sexy, seductive moves. Well, it’s possible with Amber’s Pole Dancing Course – The Ultimate Master Class, an effective program featuring access to over 100 videos, plus six hours of one-on-one coaching from master pole instructor and professional dancer Amber Starr.

Not only will Pole Dancing Courses help you to achieve fitness in a fun way, the program will boost your flexibility and confidence. This fabulous program features step-by-step instruction with an easy-to-follow format, workouts for both beginners and more advanced dancers, lessons for 50 isolated moves including helpful visual aids, and videos with different angles including close-ups and full-body that will help anyone watching master pole dancing in no time.

Along with Amber Starr, The Pole Dancing Course – The Ultimate Master Class features a total of three expert pole dancing instructors, three dance routines–Exotic, Exercise and Aerobic–and over six hours of instruction through 100+ videos. Nice right?

Amber’s Pole Dancing Course – The Ultimate Master Class teaches you how to move in a sexy, seductive way, while helping you tone, trim your body and achieve optimal health. With easy segment, you can expect an easy-to-follow breakdown of all of the steps and fun choreography that will break you out in a sweat, while still looking fantastic doing it. Advanced dancers will also not be disappointed with something new to learn at every level.

The best news is that if you sign up for Amber’s Pole Dancing Course – The Ultimate Master Class, you have lifetime access to the videos, an  exclusive member chat area and coaching support.

Classes range from “Pole Dancing Exercises: Doing the Windmill” to “Hip Dip Open Leg Pole Dancing Move” and also includes everything from stretches to warm-ups, drops, strength training, poses and inverts, leg moves and a lot more. Plus there are added bonuses including the Complete Pole Dancing Dictionary of Moves, Pole Dancing Conditioning and Fitness Videos, and More Pole Dancing Combinations & Transitions, Best Routines From the Pole Dancing Championships, free Lifetime Updates and a Free Year of One-on-One Coaching with Amber. That’s six bonuses!

Start feeling confident and sexy today by joining others who have signed up for this amazing, life-changing program!

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