Superior Singing Method

Most people mistakenly believe that if they don’t have a God-given singing talent, they don’t even need to try and learn. But, fortunately, there are people who in spite of everyone understood that with training and practice they can achieve great results. They not only understood this but also shared their discoveries.

That’s why, nowadays, there are many effective methods to develop a pretty good voice from almost no voice. The best method described in the book Superior Singing Method. I highly recommend this guide to all my readers. The question of how to learn to sing at home, if you have no voice, is getting more greater answers. So, what can we do to improve our vocal skills? How to conquer the bear, which stepped on our ears?

The first and most important step is voice training. Since nature didn’t endow you with a beautiful singing voice, you have to create it and hone it at least at the initial stage. We are talking about specific exercises, which many singers, both little known and very well known ones, are doing.

After all, many people realize that even the world-famous show business stars sometimes pave their way into the music world with something other than their talent. A whole crowd of modern singers came on stage with absolutely no voice, but through proper approach to voice and persistent efforts, they finally learned to sing well.

So, exercises are the easiest way to learn to sing at home with no singing voice. Many may remember how in physical education classes in school they had to stand in a position with feet shoulder-width apart and hands along the body. If you slowly lean forward in this position, letting your hands straight down, almost reaching the floor with your fingertips – you can greatly develop your respiratory system.

And this is critical in voice formation. Just remember that it’s necessary to take a deep breath in when bending forward and a silent, passive exhale with your mouth when coming back up. This exercise helps to not only develop the voice but also ease the pain in the liver and heart, as well as ease asthma attacks. Many singers do such exercises, even when they have a natural talent for singing. The speed should be the same as the speed of a step when marching. It’s necessary to do 12 sets of 8 repetitions.

There is another great exercise of embracing your own shoulders. Your arms should be parallel to each other, don’t criss-cross them. With every strong embrace, you should take the same strong inhale with your nose. Exhale, of course, when spreading the arms apart. If you do this exercise correctly, not changing the order of the arms, you’ll be able to achieve great toning of all organs that take part in the formation of sounds. Of course, each exercise has its limitations, and if you find it difficult to do, or it causes pain – find a better alternative.

After your steps toward the development and formation of your voice, which you can do by yourself, I advise you to turn to Aaron Anastasi’s method. Why? You won’t need classes with teachers or to attend music courses, for all that you may need is in this course. I’m absolutely confident that you will please your family and friends with beautiful singing in the near future. I wish you good luck with learning how to sing at home. Thank you!

Superior Singing Method by Aaron Anastasi

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