Today guitar is the most popular musical instrument. Every year in the world sold more than 10 million guitars. If you come to our site, it is likely, too, want to learn to play the guitar. Excellent! Let’s get down to training. By the way, there is a unique method of learning guitar Jamorama. To access videos and books from Mark McKenzie, click on the link at the bottom of the page. In the meantime, let us now consider the steps to get started learning to play the guitar.

Find a guitar to practice

It is better to have your own guitar than rented from friends. If possible, it is preferable to start to learn to play classical guitar with nylon strings (they are easier to press, and your fingers will get sick less than). Also on the nylon strings, you can learn to play faster than on metal.

When you learn to play the nylon strings, then move to a guitar with metal strings for you to not be a big problem. Metal strings sound more clearly and loudly. If you decide to learn to play metal strings, I advise you to put a very thin (thickness of the first string should be 0.010). Strings must be for acoustic guitar (not electric).

Learn how to play something very simple

Learn to play the introduction to «Smoke on the water» or something like that. The ability to play simple melodies give you confidence in your own strength. And you’ll actually be able to play something on a guitar. It is important to make progress in the process of learning to play the guitar. Your classes must be built in a way that you achieved a lot of success!

Select a methodology by which to deal with

If you find a professional teacher, then that’s great – he will be to teach you on his method and you just have to do what he says. If you decide to do yourself, it is advisable, to begin with, any course, not just to try to learn everything from what can be found on the Internet.

A very important principle in training – is to go from simple to complex. Good courses adhere to this principle and allow students to achieve success throughout the training.


To learn something you need to learn this. Just buy a guitar, a stack of self-help books and a dream is not enough. Mastering the guitar takes time. It is necessary to engage! I’m sure that everyone can learn to play the guitar. Just some people will need more time than others. The main thing is not to stop half-way and continue classes despite the difficulties encountered. I wish you great success!

Jamorama by Mark McKenzie

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