Ammo Independence

The firearms survival guide by Keith Jacobs presents a simple technique to make sure you and your family are able to keep armed and have all the ammo you need for the foreseeable future. There are many different ways for you to attain the needed ammunition for your new hobby and possible means of protection:

  • Make your own
  • Buy it retail or online – pending your local & state law

In the coming weeks, I will provide the links for the information I stated above, granted you are unable to locate it yourself. Your firearm is only as good as you are, so just like in everything you need to practice and learn the basic skills or marksmanship – so you are not a danger to yourself or others, not to mention to hit your intended threat. Which should I buy? That’s a good question, well – what are you wanting to do? Hunt? Protection – outside or indoors. These are all questions you have to ask yourself?

If I want home protection, then the best thing would be a 12 gauge or pistol – while others may say just go with an AR platform. There are some pretty decent websites out there, that go over the individual aspects of each firearm – with cycle rate – barrel twist, length. Women should not be afraid to utilize a shotgun in the house – however, for the obvious size and stature, I would see a AR 15 platform be the ideal spot – with enough firepower to take down a home intruder with no real kickback. So women, your firearm of choice is the EVIL black one.

How to protect yourself from federal gun confiscations? Dear Fellow Prepper, if you’re like me, you’ve got a stockpile of food and other supplies in anticipation of an upcoming disaster or prolonged crisis. The one preparedness area that you may be lacking is long-term firearm survival. The truth is after a crisis, the government may attempt to seize guns.

If you think it can’t happen…you should realize that it happened before. After hurricane Katrina, the federal government confiscated guns from lawful citizens without warrants! This is why you need to have a firearms survival plan. Today I’m excited to share with you a special survival guide that goes over this in great detail.

Having the ability to protect yourself, your family and your home after a crisis is critical. If you’re like me, a firearm is part of that protection plan. What you’ll learn in this guide will give you an idea on how to get your firearms preparedness plan in place. It’ll give you great piece of mind.

Ammo Independence by Keith Jacobs

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