Family Bunker Plans

How to build a protective bunker by yourself? Land near the house for many is a real gift. Everyone decides by themselves how to disposes of the freedom of the built-up part of the land, but in general, there are a lot of useful tips. By using this land to the maximum you can get not only fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden but also maximum protection against any disaster, including the so-called “doomsday”.

It is necessary to think about the construction of the bunker on the site. Even if the end of the world won’t come, and the nuclear world war has passed, but it’s still good to protect yourself from possible natural disasters. For more detailed instructions on the construction of the bunker please download the book by John Hartman. Perhaps this space won’t be needed at all, but, nevertheless, its presence is better than none.

Even in the quiet time of peace, when there is no hurricane, earthquake or a flood, the bunker can bring many other benefits. For example, it can be used as a wine cellar, which, by the way, will please you, if necessary, immediately, to hide in the bunker. Unfortunately, there are not enough specialists in the bunker’s construction. And, even if they exist, then the value of such “extraordinary” construction will be fantastic too.

It is possible and even real to self build a bunker under the ground. And despite the fact that financial costs will still be very large, yet saving money on an independent building is palpable. We should not forget that the will need the money for it. And to build a bunker that is properly functional and is equipped with everything necessary, the cost will still be still quite noticeable. Therefore, before starting the construction works, first of all, make up an estimate. To the successful construction!

Family Bunker Plans by John Hartman

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