How To Bug In Forever

I am amazed at all the disasters unfolding around our country and the world. And Dan Sullivan too. Every time I turn around a town is being evacuated due to flooding or because of some train car that has derailed and is spewing toxic gases. From snowstorms that paralyze entire states to earthquakes that destroy people’s homes…forest fires that consume thousands of acres, mudslides that bury everything in their paths…tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes…the possibilities are endless, and predicting where a disaster will strike next is impossible.

Most of us think it will never happen to me. Or worse, the thought never enters our minds, which causes us to be totally blindsided when a major event occurs. And if that wasn’t bad enough, we now have ISIS Terrorists! Coming to a Neighborhood Near You! Friends, we have got to be ready. Our nation is going from bad to worse, and the greed of politicians has made us even more vulnerable by plunging us into overwhelming national debt that has us teetering on the brink of economic collapse.

I cannot sit by and watch good-willed people who are unprepared for catastrophe. That’s why I am putting my experience into action through this blog and several other writing projects on a multitude of self-sufficiency topics. These guides won’t just be “FOR EXPERTS ONLY.” I will indeed post advanced material from time to time; but even if you have no experience with self-sufficiency or what some have labeled “doomsday prepping,” many of the projects I’m putting together will include life-sustaining basics that everyone should know and most anyone can afford, even those on a restricted budget.

I hope you never have to use a single piece of advice in this blog, that your life is good and prosperous, without the turmoil of this world…but should disaster strike or hard times come your way, I hope this blog and the advice herein brings you peace of mind and preparedness of life. And so the journey begins….

How To Bug In Forever by Dan Sullivan

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