H2O Conspiracy

Water is an essential resource for life and the source of all alive on Earth, but its uneven distribution on the continents have been the cause of crises and social catastrophes. The deficit of fresh water in the world is familiar to mankind since ancient times, and in the last decade of the twentieth century, it was always regarded as one of the global problems of today.

At the same time, the growing population of our planet brought to a significant increase in the scale of water use, and, accordingly, water lack that later became to lead to deteriorating of living conditions and slow economic development in countries with the deficit. By the way, the guide by Michael Davis shows us a unique technique on how to obtain clean drinking water. I highly recommend this manual to all survivalists and preppers!

Today, the world population is growing rapidly and the need for fresh drinking water only increases. The population of Earth as by August 25, 2016, has reached approximately 7 billion 289 million people with an annual growth rate of approximately 83 million people.

The data indicates an annual increase in demand for fresh water in the volume of 64 million cubic meters. It should be noted that for the period of time when the world population has tripled, freshwater use has increased by 17 times. Moreover, according to some forecasts, in 20 years it could even triple.

Under these circumstances, it was found that already one in six people on the planet is experiencing a shortage of fresh drinking water. And the situation with the development of urbanization, population growth, increasing industrial demand for water and the acceleration of global climate change, leading to desertification and water shortages will only worsen.

Lack of water may soon lead to the development and aggravation of existing global problems. And when the deficit will pass a certain threshold, and humanity will finally realize the full value of freshwater resources, we can expect political instability, armed conflict and the further increase of the number of problems in the development of the economies of the world.

H2O Conspiracy by Michael Davis

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