Survive and Thrive

Dear readers, I am very pleased to present to you this brand new survival guide from Chip Foreman. Be sure to download his manual to your e-reader device. If you get lost in the wood or fall into another extreme situation, this guide will save your life. The main danger every lost human will face is fear. Even the most stubborn people cannot hide from it. This adrenaline in the blood is so powerful that a person begins to act completely illogical. A good reference point in the woods is always rivers and streams.

In most cases, they fall into larger bodies of water. A near large body of water is a good chance to meet people. It is also important to remember that often in the forest you can find a public road or power line. Those who lost their way need to keep them close, as they will be able to bring him to civilization. Experts recommend having a knife, matches, and watch.

Few people know that the watch can replace a compass in the woods. If you send the hour arrow at the sun and the angle formed by it and the number 1 divided in half, this dividing line will always point exactly to the south. Often people start to panic because of the fact that they are walking in circles. However, it is quite common, and is called the “focal point of the right foot.” The fact that one leg of every person is always shorter than the other, and when you may try to go straight, you will always end up a bit to the side.

Making a fire will also increase your chances of survival. Relatives of the missing person or a group of people will most likely inform rescuers about the loss. If the search will be conducted from a helicopter, the fire quickly attracts attention. Learn more about saving your own life in extreme conditions now. Thank you for attention!

Survive And Thrive by Chip Foreman

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