Conquering The Coming Collapse

In the event of a catastrophe or the end of the world, there are several things you can do to save yourself. Believe it or not, the end of the world or a collapse of the United States is not far off and a wise individual should start thinking about how he will save his own life and the lives of close friends. There are thousands of scenarios for the end of the world: floods, epidemics, asteroids, extreme cold, nuclear war, and even alien invasions.

You need to be prepared for every potential disaster. Do you want to take a course on surviving in extreme circumstances? Download Bill White’s book “Conquering The Coming Collapse: Real, Proven Survival Strategies When Money Turns Into Dust”. You can download this guide using the link at the bottom of the page. While it is downloading, here are just some of the methods you can use.

The first method. Build a hide-out or a bunker similar to a dugout

Yes, this isn’t a universal method. It is doubtful you can survive a tsunami or another water cataclysm in a dugout. If you’re preparing for nuclear war or an asteroid impacting with earth, you’ll need to dig deep and possibly even build in metal and concrete walls about 2 meters in width. However, you would be able to temporarily hide from aliens.

The second method. Take advantage of the almost ready ark-capsules

Our friend from Indianapolis, Claude Ferguson, has seriously approached the engineering question of ark-capsules. These capsules can easily fit 20 people and protect them from abnormal heat, cold, poisonous substances, and even earthquakes. However, it is not specified how the capsule reacts to water and radiation.

On board, there will be a system of life support installed, designed for 40 days of autonomous existence. Unfortunately, it is impossible to buy an ark like this over the counter. Claude is still looking for investors to pay for the construction of a trial model, and might not manage to be done by 2016.

The third method. An ark from the architectural master Johnny Bivens

This project seems more thought out and better suited for surviving during the long, post-apocalyptical days. The building is engineered to be a unified energy system with an uninterrupted power supply, using only alternative energy sources.

Waste products are used to develop heat energy (or are converted into bio-fertilizers). Residents of the “Ark” have the ability to participate in crafts and sports, rest, use consumer and medical services, and study. Inhabitants of the ark can use the internet or watch television in order to gain contact with the outside world.

The fourth method. Bunker from the company “Vivos”

This is more material. The private company Vivos has developed and is already constructing special survival bunkers. For just $25,000 you can become one of the participants of this project, and in the case of the end of the world, you will receive a small, albeit comfortable and well-protected corner in one of these bunkers. You, along with 1000 other people (the total capacity of one such bunker) can survive in the bunker for approximately a year, and then either leave or stay there forever.

Conquering The Coming Collapse by Bill White

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