EMP Protocol

Electromagnetic pulses are also called transient electromagnetic disturbances and they are short bursts of electromagnetic energy. If you want to protect your devices from these EMPs, you should know that Dan Sullivan’s survival guide will give you the instructions that you need. The EMP Protocol is a convenient digital download which is very affordable. When you order it online today, you’ll receive pictures and step-by-step videos that show you how to create a trio of Faraday boxes. These easy-to-make boxes will keep even the most intense EMPs out!

This system is amazing because it offers step-by-step instructions on creating the most cost-effective ( and effective!) Faraday box designs. When you choose Dan’s guide, you’ll avoid having to pay thirty gr and to buy a chamber made from copper and you won’t even need to shell out thirty dollars for a Faraday cage!

Instead, you’ll gain knowledge which gives you the power to make these types of boxes for less than five bucks a pop! Instructions include lists of materials for the three Faraday boxes, along with clear and detailed instructions on how to make each box. One of the cages that you’ll receive a materials list and instructions for is very lightweight and it’s compact enough to slide into a “bug out bag”.

However, the benefits of ordering Dan’s manual won’t stop there. You’ll also learn what you should do as soon as an EMP occurs! Whether you’re in an urban or rural area, this book will show you to protect yourself and your loved ones…fast! As well, you’ll discover three great ways to generate power after the collapse.

As you can see, this system, which is just so simple to download online, is a treasure trove of helpful information. It’s the most practical way to protect yourself and your family. So, why not download Dan Sullivan’s manual today?

EMP Protocol by Dan Sullivan

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