Patriot’s Self Defense

By | November 6, 2018

What people are saying about this guide? Kevin G. says: “”I was mugged. I didn’t think a criminal would attack me being as I am over 6′ 4″ and 350 pounds! But they ganged up on me in a parking garage and with a pipe blow to the head I was out like a light. I’m never going to let that happen to me or anyone in my family ever again. I reviewed and used the Patriot System and it works just like he says. I’ve taught my wife and kids how to protect themselves too. I don’t want to have to worry about my wife being attacked or my kids bullied at school either, because Detroit is a tough city to live in.”

And Marsha K. says: “I thought my end of town was safe. I worked late at night at a convenience store that was only 5 blocks from the Police Station. I never thought I would ever be robbed. But it happened to me. One night when a robber pulled a gun on me I knew exactly what to do to disarm him and bring him to his knees! Then I wiped out my cell and called the Police. When the Cops arrived they were totally surprised that a skinny little woman like me, I’m only 5 foot and 105 pounds, was able to knock this habitual criminal to the floor and keep him there until they arrived. I’m so glad I got the Patriot’s Self Defense System and learned these methods. That’s all I needed to subdue that criminal and he never knew what hit him!”

And Rose A. says: “I was accosted one night in my bed. I didn’t think a rapist would attack me at the nursing home but he did. I used the brutal one-punch method and knocked him to the floor. He cried out at the pain and that’s what brought the orderly in. I’m so glad my younger son showed me how to do those simple moves. It saved me when I was attacked and I also showed all my lady friends at the nursing home how to do them too!”

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