Hardcore Fighting Secrets

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that we live in a more dangerous world than at any other point in human history. Right now, our society is at a precipice of incredible civil unrest. Violent video games and culture have been taking over in a way that wasn’t ever possible before, and more and more people find themselves as victims of violent assaults right now than they used to in the past.

But it’s your choice to be a victim or not. With the Hardcore Fighting Secrets e-book, you’ll never again have to worry about a violent attacker – or attackers – making you a victim. Instead, you’ll learn ALL of the unfair advantages you need to absolutely devastate and destroy violent attackers with an even more violent defensive approach.

This is going to disarm those that attack you with weapons or objects, it’s going to help you immediately render your attackers unable to continue the fight, and it’s going to give you almost superhuman abilities to defend yourself and your loved ones from multiple attackers – even when the odds are anything but in your favor.

The entire program is outlined by Russell Stutely, a worldwide martial arts master and the number one pressure point coach on the planet today. This is the kind of program that elite military units, police forces, mercenaries, street fighters, professional MMA athletes, and anyone looking to end a fight before it gets out of hand have been paying attention to and it’s a game-changing program that will turn you into an unstoppable force even if you’ve never studied martial arts or even been in a fistfight yourself.

The entire program shows you how to recognize who the “ringleader” attacker is, how to immediately defuse an attack from multiple angles, how to bring multiple attackers to their knees, and how to guarantee that these attackers aren’t ever going to get up and join the fight again – all while keeping you and your loved ones safe ( and honestly, usually without you ever having to break a sweat).

Hardcore Fighting Secrets by Russell Stutely

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