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First Aid is a complex of urgent measures aimed at saving human life. The accident, the sharp attack of illness, poisoning, accident – in these and other emergencies you need a competent first aid. Download the system by Survive & Thrive, and you will receive a unique knowledge that will teach you to save lives in the most difficult situations.

The information in this survival guide can save your life and the lives of your loved ones. According to the law, first aid is not health – it turns out until the arrival of medical or delivery of the victim to the hospital. First aid can be made by any person who is in a critical moment near the victims. For some categories of citizens, first aid is an official duty. We are talking about the police, military, firemen.

The ability to provide first aid is a simple, but very important skill. In an emergency, it could save someone’s life. That is why I recommend that you read this guide. Also, present to your attention the basic skills in first aid.

In order not to get confused and competently provide first aid, it is important to observe the following steps. 1) Make sure that while providing first aid is not in danger, and you do not put yourself at risk. 2) Ensure the safety of the victim and others (for example, remove the victim from the burning car). 3) Check the victim’s life signs (pulse, respiration, pupil reaction to light) and consciousness.

To check the breathing you must tilt the victim’s head, leaning over his mouth and nose and try to hear or feel the breath. To detect the pulse must be applied to the fingertips of the affected carotid artery. To assess consciousness it is necessary (if possible) to take the victim by the shoulders, gently shake and ask any question. I wish you happy longevity, dear readers!

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