The Ultimate EMP Survival Plan

An E-bomb (electromagnetic bomb) could throw the civilization 200 years back in an instant, and it costs only 400 dollars to make. Do you want to learn how to protect yourself from such a threat? Then make sure to download the guide from Buck.

You will learn that a new war has begun not from the incinerating nuclear flash and not from the miserable groaning of those dying from the Ebola virus or its analogs created by geneticists. A loud crackling will sound in the distance, and by the time you decide that it was an ordinary thunder peal, the civilized world will have already fallen apart.

Fluorescent lamps and TV sets, even if they are turned off, will start flickering ominously, sockets will smell like ozone, and sparking wiring – like smoldering plastic. Your palmtop and MP3-player will become noticeably hot since their batteries will be overloaded. Your computer will die and all data in it will be destroyed. Then you will notice that the world also began to sound differently: the work of internal combustion engines, this background music of the civilization, will cease. Engines, with the exception of a few diesel ones, will never start again.

You will be safe and sound yourself, but thrown 200 years back to the era when the word “electricity” meant lighting splitting the night sky. This is not another hypothetical scenario like “the Year 2000 problem”, but a realistic assessment of damage, which, according to Pentagon, can be caused by the weapons of the new generation – E-bombs.

The first major E-bomb tests were planned for 2002, but have not been conducted yet. According to one of the versions, the bomb will be tested over Iraq. The army ultimately hopes to use this technology to blow up artillery shells in-flight. The Navy wants to use the powerful microwave impulse of an E-bomb to disarm anti-ship missiles. Air Force intends to equip all its bomber aircraft, attack jets, cruise missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles with E-bombs.

When this technology is adopted, one of the most technically complex kinds of weapons created by the US military system will appear. However, there is also another side of the story about the E-bomb, about which military men are reluctant to speak.

Although the American variant of this weapon is based on the most state-of-the-art technology, terrorists can achieve the same destructive power without using hi-tech and much cheaper. The theory, on which the E-bomb is based, was suggested in 1922-1923 by a physicist Arthur Compton not for creating bombs, but for researching atoms.

Compton showed that bombarding the atoms with a low atomic number using a flow of high-energy photons leads to the emissions of the flow of electrons by these atoms. This phenomenon is known in Physics as a Compton effect. It served as an important instrument for studying the mysteries of the atom.

Curiously, it was nuclear testing that led to an unexpected demonstration of the power of the Compton effect and gave rise to a new type of weapons. In 1958, the developers of nuclear weapons detonated an H-bomb (hydrogen bomb) high above the Pacific Ocean.

The explosion caused a whole storm of gamma rays that, colliding with Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms, created a real electronic tsunami that spread for hundreds of miles. Street lanterns went out in Hawaii, and everywhere up to the very Australia, radio navigation systems were disabled for 18 hours.

The United States began studying the ways of protecting electronics from such electromagnetic impulses (EMI) and developing weapons on their basis. Many of these works are classified, however, at present, the main efforts are allegedly focused on using high-temperature superconductors to create strong magnetic fields. The threat of a powerful E-bomb explosion is currently very big especially in highly developed countries. Take care, dear readers.

The Ultimate EMP Survival Plan by Buck Munford

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