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Everything that’s happening right now leads to the fact that we’re on the brink of World War III. It would seem that such words would never be said in the 21st century since the concept itself seemed to have disappeared with the crash of the “evil empire.” It was assumed that in the multipolar world there would be no continental conflicts (as was World War II), or especially nuclear battles.

Yet we can all see that the modern world is constantly engaged in war in one place or another. Considering this fact, I would like to recommend to all visitors of my website to read the book by Ken White. This manual will help you survive even in the most extreme conditions.

Almost everyone imagines war in the form of imagery. Trench cracks, scorched steppe blackening in the distance, somewhere beyond the horizon is the “enemy” and we are here – on the front line. This image is formed through movies and stories of that scary and the already distant war of our grandfathers and fathers – World War II. The Third World War is preparing a surprise for us. There will be no front line, there will be no enemy, and there will be no faith.

Many people believe that World War III is already underway. At least the media tells us so, with intrusiveness that has no boundaries. So against who is this information war waged and why? History repeats itself, as before the global conflict is unraveling for the right of owning territory. However, in this age of resources, the land must have one more quality in addition to territory and population: the resources themselves. Oil, coal, gas are the drivers of all global economies. The central actors in the potential World War III are still the old “sworn friends” – USA and Russia.

The two powers that have the ability to not only mutually destroy each other’s armies, but also the planet itself with their stockpile of nuclear weapons. It is true that no one is rattling around their nuclear potential anymore. It would be at least foolish to start a nuclear war since each country with this weapon has the ability to respond and make the whole world a scorched desert. Therefore, World War III will use a new weapon – the media, which allows for the removal of unwanted governments without a single shot being fired and without visible external interference.

Of separate note is the “peacemaker” in this process – the EU countries. Although this peacemaker increasingly looks like a provocateur, dancing to the tune of the United States. Europe echoes the repeated shouts of the US – sanctions, sanctions, sanctions, and World War III.

Globalization has led to the global nature of the impending Third World War. The ability to receive news in the online mode has provided humanity with the privilege of learning faster than before, yet the sheer amount of information constantly flowing into our lives has left most people void of the desire to analyze or to think critically about the facts and events that they are presented. For most people, the series of coups, revolutions and local military conflicts are just scattered pieces of the world’s history. But is that so?

The question that remains unanswered is – will there be a war? Whether we believe in “global puppeteers”, the Freemasons and other “shadow beholders of the world”, whether we hope for the prudence and wisdom of our leaders in using the nuclear weapons – all this had no effect on the events of the world so far.

Maybe World War III is happening only on computer monitors or in the headphones of radio receivers, but it is already underway, unleashing a spiraling global conflict.  While local armed conflicts in different parts of the planet tell us that the Third World War will actually occur, the only question that remains is when? Protect yourself and your family. Remember – it is better to be safe than sorry!

Jumpstart Liberty by Ken White

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