Darkest Days

By | November 3, 2018

You must have an action for any extreme situation! Today we will talk about survival strategies in cases of global disaster or war. You need to download Darkest Days – How To Survive An EMP Attack To The Grid book for more detailed learning. In this text, we will consider general provisions and models of behavior in an emergency, the life-threatening environment of chaos, anarchy, radiation, and destruction. The irreparable situation happened or global ecological disaster or war, revolution.

What do you need to do in this situation? Firstly, it is very good if you anticipated such developments and prepared for it in advantage. I think, the readers of our website will properly prepare with the help of Darkest Days ebook.

Your first action: go away from the danger as far as you can and protect, drive away all people you love and your family. In any case, the most difficult situation will be in the mountains, especially in the big one. Too many people but only a few of them have survival skills and a few resources. That is why you need to go away from the city immediately; you need to find a quite place without hostilities and far away from man-made disaster or nuclear attack.

If you want to go away – you need a transport. Good jeep in order to be independent of highways, which may be damaged or closed with military technics or jams. You need to have a solid reserve of the gas because you will not be able to find gas in all that chaos situation. Except that in cases of such emergencies, you need to have a food and supplies reserve.

If you want to go away from a danger – you need to have a transport. It is a desirable to have a jeep to avoid motorways, which may be damaged or blocked by military forces or traffic jams. You need to have a solid gas reserve because you will not be able to find it in all that panic. Except that, in this case, you need to have a solid food and supplies reserve.

It is desirable to know exactly where to go. If you do not want to move to a specific, safe region it is a necessary to have an evacuation place, relatively close to the city (50-100 km). It can be your cottage or suburban residence. If you do not have a suitable property you should keep an eye on the base camp, the industrial zone or someone else’s house with the expectation that owners will give it to you according to the law of the jungle: “Who is stronger – he is right”.

It is better to go away from the city and work as a team player. Later we will talk about creating a team, clan, and group in cases of danger.

When your family is on safe,you should decide what to do next. Everything will depend on type and level of a danger. In any case, you need to have all necessary resources: drinking water, food, weapons, supplies. No matter how much reserves you have – it will never be enough. Because of that, you will have two main activities: protection of resources and the acquisition of new ones. If you are working in a team and if you have a base, then you need to store your supplies in the base and part of your group should protecting women, children, and supplies. Part of supplies should be hidden out of the base territory. If you are surviving alone – you also have to create a system of hidden stores; in that case you will not be afraid for your supplies when you go in another raid.

Are you ready to realize the unthinkable and survive during the tough times in our beloved country? If so, download Darkest Days program and start with the implementation of your plan right now. Remember that tomorrow may already be too late! Protect yourself and your family today!

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