Spec Ops Shooting

In the US, many have weapons. This leads to the fact that some individuals take their guns and go shoot at people in shopping malls, schools, nightclubs, etc. How to protect yourself in this situation? You just need to learn how to correctly and accurately shoot.

To do this, you need to download the guide by Brian Morris. It describes in detail the steps to improve the shooting skills of the many types of weapons. American infantry instructors believe that pressing the trigger is skillful – a basic condition of good shooting.

In other words, a good shooter is not someone who has excellent eyesight and nerves like steel, but the one who learned the technique of right clicking on the descent. American recruits are trained for this particular system. First, training is moving slowly, but the student does not acquire bad habits, and in particular, he does not begin to pull the trigger.

Education leads to a gradual absorption of shooting techniques, and thus produces a good shooting war material. Starting with an arrow you should develop the ability to slowly and gradually increase the pressure on the trigger. To do so, the fingers of the right hand (except index) should stay firmly, but without excessive stress, neck cover and squeeze the trigger box and at the same time gradually increase the pressure of the index finger on the trigger, but only for those moments when the sighting line coincides with the target.

In those moments when the sighting line deviates from a target subject, the shooter does not increase the pressure on the trigger and just leaves it unchanged, in any case, not weakening it. Only in those moments when the fly again fir correctly the purpose of the target, you must again gradually increase the pressure on the trigger. I wish you never come across a sight.

Spec Ops Shooting by Brian Morris

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