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So, you are in a difficult situation. There are devastation robberies, murders around. You don’t know what to do and how to protect your family. You are in a panic and think that your whole family will die soon. There is a cry for help in your soul. But the help doesn’t come. You can rely only on yourselves and on God. Are you ready to take yourself in hand and try to protect yourself and your children?

Most likely you are not, because you simply do not have enough information. Self-defense requires special knowledge which nobody teaches us! But in the book “USD Domino Survivor System“, you can get the full plan of salvation you and your family in a difficult situation. In this article, I will focus on some important points for survival in difficult conditions.


I’m not going to tell you a secret if I say that the proximity to the warring opponents is detrimental to the peace of the inhabitant. The civilian population gets all “gifts”, that got the wrong address. If we add to this the fact that the average person is not familiar with the sound of mines, he does not distinguish on hearing the sound of bullets flying past, he does not know from where and what weapon is shooting, the picture is just deplorable.

For every dead soldier, there are five or six dead civilians. And sometimes well-chosen shelters saved the lives of more than one or two people. Not many can boast that they already have a shelter or they have emergency funds for the construction, therefore I propose for your consideration the ways of arranging shelters in the farm buildings.


A cellar is located in a private house, and this makes it the first shelter for the family in the event of war. It would seem that a breeze, you just open the lid and take your family there, you bring food, and close the lid and everything is OK.

But we have seen many times the pictures when people in the cellar died of asphyxiation, explosion, the collapse of home, due to the penetration of carbon monoxide. There are a lot of causes of death. Therefore, let’s look at ways of transforming the cellar into a simple, but quite durable and comfortable shelter.

First, the cellar walls should be built of brick. And the thicker the wall is, the greater the chances of rescue can be. The roof of the cellar should not serve as a floor in the room in no case. The conclusion is that the roof of the cellar must be strengthened as much as possible. For example, we put pipes on the brick wall, fasten the formwork from below, then pour concrete with a thickness of half a meter. After the concrete hardens, fill it the earth in the thickness not less than half a meter.

Consequently, your cellar must be deep initially. And even such a strengthening of the cellar does not give you a full guarantee of salvation. There must be an emergency exit from the cellar to the street. In the case of my house, it was a steel pipe with a diameter of two feet. I don’t know who and why did it, but this “emergency exit” let me live up to the writing of this book.

Shelves in a cellar should be located taking into account the fact that during the bombing they become places for people. When you construct your cellar you should think about a small niche for a toilet and water.


I had to endure a lot because of the lack of water! Although the analyzed events occurred in winter, lack of water was felt everywhere.

First, during a disaster, remember the water can’t be unclean. All the places where you used to take water can be in the sphere of influence of one of the warring sides and, therefore, access to the source can be either extremely difficult or in the immediate combat zone. Trip for water can cost lives, or water in the source may be not good for consumption.

Note the separation of the utensils for the water. Select utensils for drinking water and utensils for water for technical needs. It is best to keep drinking water in metal forty liters cans. Covers of such cans are tightly closed, and garbage does not get inside, the same factor affects prevent water loss.

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