Takeover USA

All our lives at least once we have felt this dark and ugly soul-sucking emotion. I would call you lucky if you have felt it only once actually. Because it’s an inevitable part of the deal “being human”.

Pardon me, by pain I do not mean physical pain. I talk about the invisible and intangible version of it that screws up our lives from time to time. Sometimes it arrives unnoticed and sometimes we fools await bravely until it shipwrecks us. But let me assure you one thing, regardless of whether you anticipate it or not, it is going to completely squash you flat like an elephant stepping on rotten tomato.

I have had my fair share of it so far and I’m pretty sure that a rather unfair share of it is reserved for my future as well. And that goes for you too. But I have also realized now that whatever pain that is, whether it’s about lost love, missed opportunity, clash of the Titan with the beau or even a sick dog, it’s going to be okay. Because we humans are such dreamers that we refuse to let our selves drown in misery for too long.

We would always cling to some hope somewhere and would survive. So pain too changes and there will be a day that you and I would not feel it anymore. And we will breath fresh air as we changed people on that day. Until we collide with our next episode of pain that is. Funny world! Pain…I’m still in doubt whether to call it a curse or a gift. But what I do know is that pain changes us for better. So embrace it and move on. Don’t let it stop you from living!

With the recent Orlando shooting, I thought I should digress from the usual success Journey Kit. For the longest time, we have tried to use weapons and power to stop each other from launching attacks. We seemed to believe offense is the best defense…. Have really gone insane? This is merely history repeating itself over and over…. I refuse to divulge into details about the Orlando shooting because there were many other lives lost, each as important as the other. Are we going to terrorize one another till extinction or will we try something else before its too late?

Takeover USA by James Wright

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