Alive After The Fall

Hard times are in store for the United States. When something horrible happens in our country, we need to be prepared. Alexander Cain’s book Alive After The Fall explains in detail how you can protect yourself and your family. Don’t miss his survival guide!

Most survival situations arise in one of two ways: either you are thrust into a situation not of your making and beyond your control, or a situation develops because of a sequence of events that could have been avoided had you recognized the danger signs and acted on them at the earliest opportunity. Unfortunately, most survival situations occur as a result of ignorance, arrogance, or because the forces of nature have been underestimated.

Whether you’re preparing for an overnight camping trip or a year-long trip around Africa, the more prepared you are to meet the challenges posed by a particular environment, the more likely you are to be able to cope—both physically and mentally—if you should then find yourself confronted with a survival situation. It is equally important to choose the correct equipment and clothing.

When selecting gear, think about what you would need to survive if the worst happened. This is your “first-line” equipment, which you should carry with you at all times. It should enable you to address the basic principles of survival relevant to the environment you are in, and consists of the clothing you would wear and your basic survival equipment—your survival tin and belt-order.

Before you head off, double-check that your gear works and that you know how to use it properly. The more you understand how and why a piece of equipment works, the better able you will be to improvise if it gets damaged or lost. Never assume that the amount of prior preparation required is directly related to the length of a trip or its perceived danger.

On any trip or expedition, your situation can change for the worse. Quickly moving into the unknown can cause tremendous psychological and emotional stress, known as “psychogenic shock.” Understanding this will help you deal with it better and reduce its impact.

Alive After The Fall by Alexander Cain

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