Spy Escape and Evasion

Just hurry up and open the doors already, she thought to herself as she tapped her fingers on the knee of her worn jeans. It had been a long flight with crying kids, lots of turbulence, and the stench of fish that someone had the gall to order on a packed flight. Who in their right mind wants to eat airline cooked fish? It was like playing Russian roulette with your intestinal tract and one risk she was never willing to take.

Right now she just wanted out of this plane and into the cool night air. She had been looking forward to this day for years, the moment when she could finally escape the craziness of her family and small hometown drama to start over, in a city so large that she could disappear into the crowd, never to emerge again.

The sky was excited to get moving and start her new life. She wanted, no needed to be able to breathe again and feel like she was back in control. In control of her thoughts, her body, and her own sanity. It had been a very long time coming and now that she was finally here all she wanted to do was get off this damn plane.

After a few more minutes she could finally see people moving at the front, jostling for position to grab their bags from the too stuffed overhead compartments. Thank God!! she muttered to herself and started undoing her seat belt. By the way, if you want to disappear and start a brand new life somewhere else, don’t hesitate to download the guide by Jason Hanson. A highly recommended it to all of you!

Most people hate the airport, full of strangers, so many rude people who can’t be bothered with simple niceties like I’m sorry when they elbow you at the luggage turnstile, or when they bump into you at customs. She loved it though, so many different people all jammed into one building. Different shapes, colors, languages. Families of all shapes and sizes, even people like herself traveling alone and just wanting to blend into the crowd.

Thinking about the beauty around her she slowly made her way to the turnstile and waited for her bag to come around the bend. She spent her time waiting watching others and running over her plan in her mind. Hop a flight to the west coast, check, get her luggage and out of the airport as quickly as possible, almost there. Then she would catch a cab to the condo she had already leased and started her new life.

Finally, she could see the blue duffel bag rounding the bend. She bent to grab it and looked across the myriad of luggage into the brightest green eyes she had ever seen. Caught in the distraction of those eyes she missed her bag and swore at herself under her breath, knowing it would be a wait for it to come back around again. Sighing, she raised her gaze to look into those eyes again and they were gone. Sky twisted herself around to look for the woman with the ebony hair and brilliant green eyes but she was nowhere to be found.

Mentally she kicked herself in the ass for getting distracted on her first night there. Moving here and starting over was the plan, not falling for some stranger at the airport the minute she landed. She shook her head and noticed her bag coming around again, this time paying attention to it and nothing else she grabbed it off the conveyor and made her way to the doors, and out into the night air. Finally, she could breathe.

Spy Escape and Evasion by Jason Hanson

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