Alive After Crisis

My interest in the survival of the issue arose quite early. While still being a small child, I began to think about the grandfather’s stories about the war. I saw some deep meaning in the fact that many people were killed, but he survived. Again and again, listening to his story, I could not fathom the mystery tormenting me: once grandfather survived – it means that he has some special, secret qualities. By the way, in the guide by Richard Marshall, you will discover a unique survival technique.

I recommend this survival manual to all my readers, to anyone who wants to stay alive in a difficult situation. It is not an empty word, but the meaning of life. To survive, you must be tempered in the fire danger. I imagined that even though my casual grandfather’s life was filled with fatal risk because at work he was surrounded by the dead. And he lives and laughs in the face of death.

As a result, I began to look for dangerous situations and deliberately went to the risks, to be able to test themselves. We lived in southeast Texas near the wetlands of the river where crocodiles were performing terribly biting Chelydridae, poisonous snakes. And I, seven-year-old girl, decided to explore our wild uninhabited places with all these deadly evil spirits. Texas swamp became my personal habitat.

My mother – German, with her Catholic Irish roots, had too many children so that she could keep track of all. So we do not have any control feeling, living our lives completely. In my almost innate interest in science, I sincerely believe that there are specific studies and with their help, I will open the secrets of survival. Much of what I had to face, without a scientific view seemed simply inexplicable. Sometimes it seems to me that within man there is an inexplicable force pushing him to do crazy things. Please do not make mistakes when you are in danger!

Alive After Crisis by Richard Marshall

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