The Next Survivor Guide

The Next Survivor Guide is an eBook, and it’s available for download right now only at DonnaJeanBooks. This book is a comprehensive guide that will train you to develop the skills required to deal with situations that can threaten your existence. The various techniques in the book are based on the philosophy ‘know what to do, and act fast’.

The eBook has three sections and each one serves a specific purpose. The first section of the guide deals with basic needs and skills. Survivors and survivalists should learn to make a first aid kit, ignite a fire using modern and primitive techniques, access and collect water, build a shelter in the wild and find directions without the help of a map or global positioning system. The second section deals with survival techniques.

This portion highlights different types of life-threatening situations that are very probable in the world we inhabit now. Survivors and survivalists can learn ways to save themselves during a mass shooting, plane crash, bear attack, house fire, and natural disasters. The third-second deals in special skills. Survivors and survivalists can learn to jump over rooftops, stop serious bleeding, track wild animals, to hide in natural settings and perform fireman’s carry or lift.

This eBook can be downloaded and accesses using any device, desktops and laptops, tablets and smartphones. Once downloaded, the eBook can be read offline and can also be accessed from multiple devices without any active internet. This manual is an effective guide for anyone who wants to become a survivalist. Even if you are not predicting a doomsday scenario, the skills and techniques you can master will help you in real circumstances that have already come to pass in our country and around the world.

The Next Survivor Guide by Carlos Skinner

The Next Survivor Guide book cover
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