The Doomsday Medicine Chest

The rules of first aid are simple and necessary to everyone’s knowledge, which will help to provide immediate assistance to victims directly on the scene. There are situations when the knowledge of the first medical aid has to be applied to the victim himself. According to statistics, up to 90% of the dead could have stayed alive if they had been provided with timely and qualified first aid in the first minutes after the incident.

By downloading this book, you will have access to unique information that will help you provide first aid to your family members in the most extreme conditions. Do not miss Ralph LaGuardia’s novelty! In case of incorrect first aid, you yourself can become the culprit of the tragedy, with all the ensuing consequences in accordance with the laws of your country.

Therefore, the first thing to do in case of an emergency is to call an ambulance or rescuers. Do not try to make serious interventions, excluding medications and surgical interventions, do only necessary to save lives. The rest will be taken care of by doctors. Assess your ability to provide first aid: perhaps, you are in grave danger. The health and life of the affected and suddenly ill often depend on the timeliness and quality of the care provided by people who are usually not related to medicine, but more often than doctors or a paramedic are nearby.

This is the first medical aid. It depends on the level of medical knowledge, skills, and abilities of witnesses and participants in the incident. The first medical aid is a type of medical care that includes a set of simple medical measures that are carried out directly at the scene or in the vicinity of it, in the order of self-help and mutual assistance. I believe that knowing how to provide first aid is simply necessary for each of us. After all, with their help, we can save someone’s life!

The Doomsday Survival Medicine Chest by Ralph LaGuardia

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