EMP Survival

Information technology is becoming more widely used in various fields of human activity and contributes to the safety of our lives. Objects of electricity and information and communication technologies are powerful sources of electromagnetic radiation that penetrate all the space adjacent to it.

Electromagnetic environment continually becomes more complicated: increases the intensity of the electromagnetic fields expands the frequency range increases the range of hazards caused by functioning systems and equipment. Traditional information technology, which at a certain stage of development was not susceptible to electromagnetic waves by a complication of electromagnetic environment and increasing the level of disturbances, which have become sensitive to them.

The objects themselves are now subjected to deliberate against powerful external electromagnetic radiation by militants and bandits. To protect yourself from electromagnetic weapons, be sure to download the guide by Nick Guarino. You will find unique information, with which you will be able to minimize the damage caused by the EMP. It is difficult to name the area of ​​industrial or domestic activities of people, which would not have used a computer.

According to the depth and breadth of penetration in various sectors of the Internet, technologies occupy a leading position in the information world. There’re 2.9 billion Internet users in the world at the beginning of 2016. The World Network is beginning to have an impact on territorial and social systems, including both the economy and society as a whole.

Errors and failures in electronic equipment may lead to dangerous situations and the risk of harm to human health, equipment, and the environment. The trend of increased use of microprocessor devices, managing power equipment – on the one hand, increasing the density of elements in the microchips, accompanied by a reduction in their resistance to external electromagnetic influences, and on the other – against the backdrop of the progress in the development of powerful remote destructive electromagnetic impacts constitute a dangerous vector for state and military infrastructure.

The EMP Survival by Nick Guarino

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