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All of us from time to time fall from fatigue. But it is necessary to relax, catch up on sleep – and you’re back on the horse. Today, you hear that from many: “I have chronic fatigue!”. But, actually, how does it differs from the usual one? First of all, the stretch of time: not less than six months you have a weakness, bad dreams, apathy, irritability, you increase the difficulty to cope with things. However, no rest on weekends or even holidays does not help.

Next is worse: you start to suffer from headaches, muscle aches, lymph nodes, “jumps” of pressure, memory deteriorates. By the way, by downloading the guide by Frank, you will discover a unique method of getting rid of chronic fatigue, headaches, and unexplained weight gain. At risk to “earn” chronic fatigue are most susceptible to die-hard workaholics, people whose work is connected with high responsibility, stressful situations. And also those who are dissatisfied with uninteresting and poorly paid work, the pessimists by temperament.

Four guilty ones

Scientists have different versions on the point, from what exactly develops the chronic fatigue syndrome, and research is ongoing. But four reasons are unmistakably obvious.

  • Sedentary lifestyle. People engaged in physical labor, rarely suffer from this syndrome.
  • The unfavorable ecological situation. Chronic fatigue is more typical to the inhabitants of large cities with high gassy air, electrofog in apartments.
  • Lifestyle. Endless rush, daily stress, accompanied by negative emotions – a powerful blow to the nervous system, which does not stand up.
  • The weakening of the immune system. As a result, for example, of herpes simplex viruses, Epstein-Barr virus.

Mask, who are you?

Important to note: under the mask of constant apathy may be hiding, not only chronic fatigue syndrome but many other diseases: endocrine, autoimmune problems, infections, blood diseases. So, first of all, you need to be examined. Program minimum – general and biochemical analysis of blood and urine tests for viral infection (herpes, cytomegalovirus, hepatitis B and C). It may be necessary, to do other tests, for example, immunogram, thyroid ultrasound.

If you find any disease, of course, first of all, start treating it. Often, the tests do not reveal any deviations from the norm, but this is not a reason for a definitive diagnosis.

The cause of the weakness, lethargy may be dystonia, neurosis. Assigned is a treatment aimed at its elimination. Only if within six months radical changes for the better won’t happen, can not be doubted: it really is chronic fatigue syndrome.

Terms and errors

The treatment of the syndrome is very individual. But there are general rules: the doctor must recommend changing the mode of work and rest. You can not ignore such recommendations. If changing the habits is difficult it is necessary to resort to the help of a therapist. And certainly, you need to learn autogenic training.

To get rid of chronic fatigue acupuncture, physical therapy and physiotherapy are used. Effective water treatment: a contrast shower, swimming in the pool, and relaxing spa bath with mineral salts and marine extracts. Some clinics offer new techniques: cryo and ozone therapy, yoga, massage.

As for drugs – for several weeks doctor may prescribe lower doses of antidepressants. If there are problems with sleep, as a rule, use a soft natural remedy. Some patients need immunocorrecting drugs, those who suffer from muscle pain – nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Be sure to prescribe vitamin courses. As you can see, you can and should deal with chronic fatigue.

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