Family Survival System

First quiet but then absolute panic began immediately after the bombing. Everyone who could do it rushed from the city. Even those who seem to be prepared still leaned her highness panic. Entire neighborhoods were leaving the city casting all along the way. They just wanted to have time for leaving. Those who could not leave remained in the surrounded city to die.

But even they sought refuge in basements and cellars. Needless to say, that panic lasted a relatively short time, made a mess and chaos in the lives of residents. Instead of having to leave the city much earlier to try to pick up and carry much more belongings, those people who lived in the illusions of the world until recently, just panicked and escaped. Without anything. Instead of trying to figure out in advance WHERE they could move, they just escaped to “nowhere”.

So the general conclusion is: don’t try to hide the truth from yourself, do not try to live in the reality of the world to the last. Even if you are preparing for a disaster, panic and confusion will push you to reckless decisions and actions anyway. This will be the most detrimental for you, but do not try to sit around too long. Long “thinking over” is the path to inaction. By the way, with Frank Mitchell’s book “Family Survival System” you will be able to successfully prepare for hard times and surely protect your family.

When preparing do not try to cover the entire expected list of disasters. This will lead to the fact that, with sufficient probability, you won’t be ready for any. Do not waste your forces and means for the discussion and preparation for a fatal accident,  be ready for a universal scenario. It is much easier for your means and capabilities.

Basically, you will have to survive in your own house, so use the knowledge of your court, in order to adapt to the encountered conditions. First: do not try to take a bunch of stuff. There are necessary things and there are things that prevent you.


This thing is very necessary, but not when you have a dozen of knives and each one is for something definite. You won’t need special knives for cutting everything in field conditions. So set them aside for a more quiet time.


Often an average person, in case of a threat of attacks on housing, relies on it in the house the most. It would seem that its presence has positive sides only. An axe is heavy and sharp, and you can whack somebody using axe head, but it is time-tested that an axe in the house is the weapon for a person who knows how to use it in a confined space. In the case of an average person, an axe is often useless and even dangerous sometimes. Because it gives undue confidence but it does not give skill.


I do not deny that the presence of guns in the house is a positive factor for any defending person. Especially if it’s a multicharged “Saiga”. But even the presence of a gun at home does not save you completely; it only increases the chance of successful defending. The main thing is to walk with a gun through the rooms in advance and find the most successful places for the defense.


It is almost useless for only one family to fight with such a group. Organization of self-defense groups of the district’s inhabitants in suburban areas or in a multi-store building can help you. At the same time the population also gets weapons and even a large group of marauders, in a collision, can hardly fight with them.

We must remember that marauders, in the majority, are peaceful people who came to plunder because of the famine first, and for plunder later. Just imagine, transport is checked by the troops and police, the military will react for a log-fire in the aisles of one district anyway, though, because there is a likelihood of a breakthrough of the enemy in the rear.

Marauders’ work is hard and ungrateful because people do not give their belongings for free. So marauders’ constant tactic is quick “sudden attack” and the same quick “rollback”, they will get spoil if they are lucky or a bullet in the head if they are not. So I can advise residents to create self-defense units immediately to arm themselves and to think over the strengthening of the entrance to the yard or to the territory of the quarter. Usually, the military and the police are favorable enough to this method of security and law protection.

Family Survival System by Frank Mitchell

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