In the body of both men and women hormones are considered to be the most important substances. Depending on its produced amount from their balance depends on all of the work and proper functioning of all organ systems. When there is an imbalance in hormones, serious violations begin.

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First, consider the situation where, and because of which there are growth and the impact of male hormones in the body of the other sex. One of the reasons for increased testosterone levels is excessive production of androgens – male hormones produced by means of the ovaries, adipose tissue, adrenal gland. This is due to an abnormality in the body after nervous stress, obesity, and other diseases.

Testosterone is a hormone that must be bound to the protein, as exactly with the protein it is transported into the circulatory system and throughout the body. If testosterone is not associated with the protein, as expected, the level begins to rise, too. This is the second reason.

The third reason, because of which the female body has the excessive influence of male hormones is a violation of the metabolic processes and hormone elimination process of the body. It is considered to be a serious disease that can be transmitted by hereditary line and occur at the gene level. One of the banalest reasons for hormone imbalance is a genetic predisposition. If the mother during pregnancy or even before it observed problems with the glands that produce hormones, the child at some time in his/her life, can manifest an imbalance of hormones too.

Now let’s see how an effect of male hormones in the female body looks like. Firstly, they suffer from excess skin. Disrupt the work of the sebaceous glands, the amount of fat produced increases, which is why the skin becomes problematic. Appears acne, pimples, inflammation. That is why many teens are faced with skin problems: the body goes through hormonal changes.

In addition to the skin, the results of the reinforced impact of male hormones appear on the state of the nervous system. The fact is that there is a hormonal effect on the brain area, which leads to an increase in its activity. After a while, the excessive activity of specific parts of the brain leads to a disorder of the nervous system. Consequently, the influence of male hormones manifests depression and stress.

Often there is neurasthenia in women – also a consequence of an imbalance of hormones. At the same time, women who for the treatment of any disease are prescribed hormones androgens, are at risk for the development of neurotic disorders too. Therefore, the term of treatment with these drugs that contain androgens should not exceed more than six months and must be accompanied by a doctor’s supervision.

In the female body during hormonal failure, we may notice increased hair growth in areas of the body where it should not be. For example, the hair on the head may fall out, appear bald, and on the arms, legs, face and other areas hair may begin to grow as it does for men.

The influence of male hormones on pregnant women is also manifested by impaired, not only in the mother’s body but in the body of the future baby too. So, the child after birth may occur signs of hermaphroditism. Many women suffer from excessive sweating. Strong work of gonads is also seen after the increase in the level of male hormones in the female body. In general, there is nothing good in a hormone imbalance. But there is a solution!

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