The Body Transformation Blueprint

The physical transformation is a long and hard process, in the sense that this progress is not always constant. Instead of progressing in a linear way, muscles grow periodically, in splashes. Unfortunately, these bursts are usually interspersed with long brakes in growing. You often hear about guys who cannot gain muscle mass, despite all their efforts.

In fact, these guys are in a phase of slow muscle growth. Normally, they spend more time on diets rather than exercise and don’t eat enough. Less commonly, only one muscle group will be in a period of lull, while others show good growth in general.

Unlike the weight gaining problems, where the main reason is an unhealthy diet, lack of growth in only one muscle group is not related to the food you consume. The reason lies in the training technique. As usual, it is not due to the mistakes in the exercise technique, but rather in the absence of activation of the so-called “jammed” group of muscles,  leading to disruption of progress.

Anyone, who made this mistake previously, will tell you that working out with non-active muscle groups is even worse than not exercising at all. You won’t get any results and will waste a lot of valuable time. Instead, you should avoid it, and for that, you need to learn how to activate your muscles to make them grow again. So, today I want to share with you two tips that will push any of your muscles to grow and help you get fit very fast. Nothing crazy, no top-secrets from the special forces training.

Do not just lift – lift quickly!

If you make a program,  in which the low pace is prescribed (such as lactic training), do not worry about the speed. In bodybuilding, there is a classic postulate – to do everything at a slow pace. One of the best trainers, Jason Ferrudzhi, thinks that the slow pace method in growing muscles was one of the biggest mistakes in his career and regrets wasting so much time on it.

But that does not mean you have to completely switch to the fast pace – everything has its time and place – you just need to give it a few months and work out rapidly. In any case, do not waste your energy in vain, but lift the weights with “explosion”. The increase in speed involves fast-twitch fibers during exercising.

This simple method gives unexpected results if your muscles stopped growing. Fast pace, in addition to the role of the accelerator of muscle growth, is effective for burning fat, since you will use more weight, and it is always greater energy expenditure. An added bonus is a neurogenic and myogenic activation of muscle tone, which will make you look slimmer, even with an excess of body fat.

Start this approach from making exercises on your shoulders and classify your delta after a few workouts. By the way, be sure to download the Body Transformation Blueprint. Sean Nalewanyj’s body building guide is very effective for gaining more muscle weight, and also for burning fat. I recommend!

Do unilateral exercises

The movement of a limb, especially with the big weight, activates high sensitivity motor units. Gaining muscle weight by activating this type of motor unit occurs due to an increase in the total amount of muscle fibers and their innervating nerves, which stimulates muscles more easily. It will take twice as long to do unilateral exercises and the recommended program will be as follows: begins with a large bilateral move, then a few sets of unilateral ones and finish the training with bilateral “explosive” exercises. Example:

  • Classic squats.
  • Split squat on one leg, both legs.
  • Jump squats

Thank you for your attention. Good luck with the training!

The Body Transformation Blueprint by Sean Nalewanyj

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