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Relief abs are the combination of three elements: a proper diet which helps you to lose fat; training aimed at increasing volume of the abdominal muscles rather than their endurance and the genetic characteristics of the muscle structure.

The good news is that when you find the right combination of exercises and diet, and when you achieve “relief abs”, you will know how to do it again.  Another thing is that when you get “relief abs”  you will do your best in order to keep them.

Abs: diet or exercise?

On the one hand, relief abs – are an indicator of the low-fat level, because less fat you have the skin becomes thinner (more precisely – “subcutaneous fat “, consisting of skin and fat), and your abs become more noticeable. However, it still requires physical exercise, because the abs – is also a muscle. If there is no proper diet you will not get abs and without exercise, you will not get the expression of “relief muscles”, but your stomach still will be flat.

How to develop abs properly?

It sounds stupid, but to develop relief muscles you need to  „pump those abs“. For some reason, many people think that two hundred repetitions of lifting up one pound dumbbells cannot give results, but still believe that two hundred crunches are able to develop abdominal muscles. Obviously, the daily training routine for the abdominal muscles is not able to get rid of belly fat, because it is the question of the proper diet.

Additionally, many repetitions helping to develop abs endurance but still cannot increase the muscle volume. That is why you need to download this unique Fighter ABS 2.0 system for developing abs. With the help of Andrew Raposo’s guide, you can have strong abdominal muscles within a few weeks.

The best exercises for relief abs

The exercises for abs should be just like for any other muscle: to increase the volume of the muscles you need to perform 7-9 sets of exercises with 10-15 repetitions. Well, it is slightly more repeats than usual, but still not 200. The technique is more important than the choice of exercise: ten right crunches on the blocks with the weight are more effective than thirty leg lifts made by the muscles of the anterior thigh.

How to develop the lower abs?

The question is it possible to work on the upper and lower abs separately is still open. On the one hand, the abs is a whole muscle, but on the other, various exercises involve muscle to work in a different way. The research is showing that such exercises as lifting legs on a grip and reverse twist are pushing the lower abs to work harder. The fact is that during that exercise the upper part of the abdominal muscles is involved too.

The level of the subcutaneous fat for perfect abs

Many believe that abs are visible when a level of subcutaneous fat is less than 10%. But there is a small catch: first, it is difficult to measure the exact number; second, all are individual – for someone that number is 7%, and someone’s abs are visible at 15%.

In addition, genetic features that are dividing the abdominal muscle into segments, as well as points of its attachment are individual. Nature gave to someone 6 segments and to others – 8; someone has a brightly expressed vertical muscles, but to others no. You can not change that.

Fighter ABS 2.0 by Andrew Raposo

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