Do you want to know how the girl can take exercises at the gym properly? I am pleased to give you some tips on training from personal experience.

Drink a lot of water, and during training too. Training at the gym. Tips for training. Train at a slow pace.

Do not accept all the advice you will be given. Everyone is ready to give advice to the starter. And sometimes these tips thwart one another. And very often even the instructors of the gym give inherently opposite advice. To avoid head in a muddle choose one of the most skilled people (for example, Jill Coleman), and listen to his opinion. To do this, be sure to download his book “Treadlift“. It is better to ignore all other advice for the first time.

Do not train if you have intense muscles ache from the last training. When muscles ache is light it is possible to train. But if you are training in spite of the intense pain, the muscle fiber can break down, and it often leads to injury.

Take exercises only according to complex. Make it right depending on your ability. Do not take exercises off-the-cuff going from one fitness machine to another.

Changes in the figure do not take place earlier than three months of regular training. Do not wait for results every day and do not get up on the scales every day. Scales are a bad assistant in the training results determining. Determine the result by the photos. Take photos every three months.

Do not engage in multiple sports at the same time. The first three months take exercise 2-3 times a week only in the gym and that’s all. It is appropriate if you did nothing for a long time.

Start take exercises 2-3 times a week for 60 minutes or less per training.

Avoid isolated exercises. Try to do only basic exercises. For example, straightening legs sitting on the fitness machine at the initial stage of training will not bring you anything but a good mood. Instead of this do squat (girls and women too). Squat really form legs and buttocks. You will feel that after the first training.

How to find out what muscles are involved in the exercise? It is very simple. The muscle that hurts the next day has been in operation. Do not do a lot of sets and reps, starting a new exercise, if you don’t want to feel a lot of pain the next day. 1-2 sets of 12-15 repetitions are fair enough.

After your workout, stretch the muscles that you worked on today for 5-10 minutes. Muscles immediately begin to recover after such stretch. Without stretch, they need a few hours (8) to enter the normal state and only then begin to recover.

Treadlift by Jill Coleman

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