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Now I will tell you about such things that interfere with your muscles to become huge and strong! But first I want to draw your attention to the guide by Jorden Pagel. Mass Made Easy presents the unique method of training that will allow you to add up to 15 pounds of muscle in just three months. Let’s back to the reasons for the poor recruitment of muscle mass.

Reason 1

Low caloric of your food. The most important aspect of training is proper nutrition. Without a well-balanced diet, you will never get the results that you want. To gain muscle mass or just to gain weight, you need to have a surplus of calories, at least a little! The physiology of the organism is such that in an excess of calories it is gaining weight, and with a lack calories of it burns fat.

Reason 2

Too little of protein. Even with high caloric content, your muscles will not necessarily grow. Calories are necessary for your body to have a lot of energy that you spend on training and not to spend internal reserves. For the growth of muscles, your body needs building material that is protein. The more the better.

But the fact of the problem is that not all products contain protein and it is not so easy to eat a lot of protein. Therefore, you should eat high-protein foods: dairy products, meat, chicken, fish, nuts, and more, what you think will be useful:) If your food has little protein, but it is high calorie you will slowly but surely turn into a fat bastard and it is unacceptable in our case.

Reason 3

There is no progression of the loads, if your working weights do not grow. But in order to grow it, you need to vary your training. To make your muscles “to have a desire” to grow, you need to stimulate them using ever-increasing loads! There is no other way. Your muscles simply will not get micro-traumas and they will not have reasons to grow new muscle fibers!

Reason 4

Low intensity, if you don’t strongly enough stimulate the muscles. They don’t get the load that exceeds their current capabilities. The muscles need to get such load to which they will have to adapt. And the heavier your set is, the more powerful the incentive to growing will be. If you do not follow the first two conditions, all your efforts will go down the drain.

Reason 5

Irregular training. I’m amazed by people who believe that visiting a gym sometimes they will be able to build their muscles. Someone even thinks it’s better than nothing. But I hasten to disappoint you: if you have a bad by nature genetics, rare visits to the gym won’t help you.

Irregular workouts from the time are harmful to health. In sport the most important things are discipline, stability, daily routine, and the desire to conquer the heights!!!:) If you train from time to time your body thinks it’s a random load and does not try to adapt to it. As soon as the load becomes regular and at the same time, your body realizes that it needs to “explode” and show all its power.

Reason 6

Overtraining. You probably heard of this term but not all people understand it correctly. Overtraining is when you spend too much time on exercise, instead of growing muscles (relax). Damn, you’re not a marathon runner, at the end of it all! Why do you need 2-hour workouts?

Why do you to stay after training in the gym to chat with a friend, instead of saturating the muscles with proteins and carbohydrates? Why do you need to do a bunch of different exercises, when you need only one that you will do properly? The less time you spend on training, the more power your body gets for recovery and muscle growth!

Here we have studied six major reasons preventing your muscle growth. Now we have to apply all these tips into practice and get positive dynamics of muscle growth. As I said at the beginning of the article, be sure to read the book from Jorden Pagel. For the last three years, the author has helped thousands of guys to solve the problem of muscle mass gaining. I wish you to get big, sturdy and strong muscles! See you soon.

Mass Made Easy by Jorden Pagel

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