Beauty Food Bible

Do you want to be beautiful? Do it! It is never too late to start living a healthy lifestyle and to start eating rationally. When full balancing of the diet in a relatively short period it is possible to reduce not only the volume of your body but also significantly reduce the craving to consume sweet and get your appetite under control.

On this page, you will find some simple but effective tips that help your food to make you more beautiful. If you are determined to make adjustments to your appearance and get a perfect figure, these simple guidelines can be very useful. By the way, if you want to know more secrets, download the book “Beauty Food Bible“. Believe me, Tracy Patterson’s guide will become your advisor number 1 for years to come.

Useful tips

1) A proper diet for weight loss is certain and regular times of food intake.

2) Set realistic goals. Ideally, you should aim to lose not less than one kilogram per week. Even if this figure seems too small, remember that the results of gradual weight loss persist for a longer time than the effect of a rapid diet.

3) Encourage your achievements. When you’re on a diet and count the calories, it is important every one to two weeks to encourage your perseverance and willpower — this strengthens your resolve to endure to the end and to follow a diet with the initial zeal. Give yourself small prizes, for example, a visit to a beauty salon.

4) Don’t treat yourself too harshly. If you ate too much chocolate once or you don’t lose a planned kilogram a week, you mustn’t blame yourself. You only need to find the strength to come back to a healthy diet for the next day.

5)Eat often, but small portions. Try snacking products with a high content of fiber, for example, cereal, dried fruit. Drink lots of water with lime and ice, herbal tea to fill your stomach.

6) Select exercise for the soul. If you loathe the idea of a gym membership, use every opportunity to engage in fitness. Forget about the elevator! For two hours of walking at a moderate pace, you lose the same amount of calories as a gala dinner and a glass of wine contain.

7) Reduce your portion size. Change your plate on a smaller one. Find a diet that total energy value is equal to 1500 calories.

Dietary menus


3 tablespoons of boiled rice without salt.


60 grams of fish or lean meat or 125 grams of cottage cheese; French bread; lettuce, tomato or cucumber; green apple for dessert.


180 grams of chicken or 180 grams of fish or 120 grams of meat, 240 grams of potatoes; lettuce or slightly cooked vegetables (carrots and broccoli); fruit salad or fruit pudding (eg, yogurt with 120 grams of raspberries or strawberries).


The consumption of water and herbal tea is not limited. Drink coffee and tea with skimmed milk only. Drink green tea, fresh juices and mineral water in unlimited quantity. You need to drink an hour before eating and not earlier than 30 minutes after eating. It is best to eat dairy products, fruits and vegetables before bedtime. I wish you good health and a long life. Thank you!

Beauty Food Bible by Tracy Patterson

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