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With age, testosterone levels in men’s body drop. Today we’ll tell about how to deal with it. Testosterone is the primary male hormone. Exactly testosterone in many ways forms the abstract concept of “masculinity” both in the appearance and behavior of the men. They say “real man” and it means “testosterone is overflowing”.

Muscle development, self-confidence, and your own actions, sharpness and speed of thinking in any, even the most unusual situations – all thanks to this hormone. According to many confirmed studies, starting from 30 years old the level of testosterone in men’s body begins to slowly but surely fall.

We don’t even need to describe the consequences of such dynamics. You yourself understand what is at stake. There are effective ways of treatment, but I have no right to talk about them because such things are done only with the permission and under the supervision of an appropriate specialist. However, for prevention, it makes sense to learn about softer, natural and safer ways to increase and maintain normal levels of this hormone.

Limit or eliminate sugar from your diet

When the blood sugar level starts to increase – testosterone decreaseы. It has been suggested that insulin reduces the level of testosterone. In any case, abuse in eating sweets leads to obesity, so this advice is anyway useful. According to studies, the average US citizen consumes 12 teaspoons of sugar a day. Which equals to 2 tons of sugar consumed during the whole life.

Quick carbohydrates may be found not only in sweet products. Pasta, bakery products (pizza, too, yes) – all these should be consumed very carefully. By the way, the guide by Chad Howse presents a unique technique on how to significantly increase testosterone in men’s bodies.

Intensive exercises + intermittent fasting

The combination of short intensive workouts and intermittent (periodic) fasting will raise the level of testosterone in men’s body and prevents its loss. At the same time observing the men paying too much attention to aerobic and long, but at the same time measured, training didn’t show the increase of this hormone. There are countless different variations of intensive training. For a start you can build your lesson as the following scheme:

  • A thorough warm-up – 3 minutes (just one!).
  • The maximum hard and intense pace at the approach for 30 seconds, almost to bursting.
  • Recovery for 90 seconds.
  • Repeat the second and third paragraphs seven times.

As you can see, this exercise takes only 20 minutes ( and 75% of the time is occupied by rest and recovery, while the hard work is just 4 minutes), but it gives a stunning effect. Pay attention to the warm-up. An explosive start can cause injuries. The body needs to be kneaded, stretched and warmed up well. This tactic is applicable to a huge number of simulators, classes with a barbell or dumbbells while running and swimming.

Intermittent fasting adjusts the hormonal balance, contributing to the development of more testosterone and fat loss at the same time. Unfortunately, a too frequent and long feeling of hunger provokes a negative effect, reducing the level of testosterone, and therefore you can add protein shakes to your diet after every workout. The combination of these techniques provides a fairly pronounced effect as well as a more slim and muscular body.

Consume healthy fats

By “healthy” we mean not only polyunsaturated fats. The fact is that our body requires a certain amount of saturated fats too, as they are involved in the synthesis of testosterone. Eating plan, which gives the fats (mainly of animal origin) less than 40% of the energy obtained from food, in the case of men results in a decrease of testosterone levels.

The Man Diet by Chad Howse

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