The Beauty of Food

All women are concerned with the question of how to stay young and attractive, without exhausting procedures and long-term diet and exercise. Today I’ll tell you little secrets, which will quietly but surely bring the expected result into your life. For a more complete study of the question of what to eat to be beautiful, I strongly recommend downloading Hanan’s book The Beauty of Food. With the help of this guide, you’ll learn to eat the right foods and will easily become younger by at least 10 years.

Don’t put off the question of correct and balanced nutrition for tomorrow. Time flies. Remember that by investing in your health you invest in your happy future. And now we’ll talk about the foods of this season, what food to eat, how to combine different foods, what food will be useful and what should be avoided.

Country of Residence

It’s best to eat the foods we are genetically adapted to eat. Scientific evidence shows that people living in a particular climatic zone, absorb and utilize to the maximum those products that grow in the area of their habitat.


Our body is the same natural system as everything that surrounds us, so it always assimilates best those products that are provided for us by nature at a specific time of the year.

Time of Day

Initially, our body changes the digestive system, depending on the time of day. There are products that are best eaten when the body goes to sleep, others, on the contrary, should be eaten during awakening or in the middle of the day.
Genetic characteristics of our organisms.

Each of us digests some products better than others. As they say, what is medicine for one, is poison for the other. In spring and summer, without a doubt, the best choice for everyone will be greens. Nature gives them generously to us now. So why not take advantage of her generosity.

According to scientific experiments, regular consumption of greens helps strengthen blood vessels and cleanse the body of toxins. It supplies us with a wide range of essential vitamins, as well as provides us with fiber, which helps more than anything else to lose weight and to organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Top useful products of this season:

For elastic and young skin:

  • Parsley
  • Dill
  • Dandelion

Immunity and general health:

  • Beverages from greens and vegetables (pumpkin, carrot, apple)

For the health of the gastrointestinal tract and slim body:

  • Smoothie (banana + greens + sprig of mint or celery)

Those who want to be a healthy need to eat:

Salads from tomatoes, herbs, sesame seeds, and olive oil. You can also add flax seeds or pine nuts. And for the benefit of the stomach – pumpkin seeds:

  • To stabilize blood pressure and strengthen blood vessels:
  • Bruschetta with boiled vegetables
  • Different kinds of soups
  • Green borscht, cabbage soup and etc.

Nutrients, contained in the foods that should be consumed, can prevent wrinkles, improve the structure of hair and perform many other miracles. Bon Appetite! Enjoy the summer and yourselves.

The Beauty of Food by Hanan Smith

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