The Fat Obliterator

Greetings dear visitors! In this article, you will learn what kind of diet you need to stick to lose weight. This diet does not mean mono eating: ie, eat only apples or drink the only yogurt. No! You should change your diet and replace some products. No! You should change your diet and replace some food with other products. And if you do not have pronounced worshiping of food, then you will have the strength. Moreover, these products are from the category of healthy food, which will also strengthen your immune system!

The most important requirement – reducing caloric intake by reducing the content of carbohydrates in the normal physiological level of protein and fat. With protein is everything clear, in this case, protein needs to be used in a larger volume because they contain lipotropic agents that prevent the formation of fats and activate metabolism. But why need to limit the intake of carbohydrates?

From the view of medicine, it is known that the pancreas produces the hormone insulin, which causes the conversion of fats from carbohydrates. Production of this hormone is blocked during the consumption of fats. More than that, fats, lingering in the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety for a long time. By the way, Fat Obliterator describes a weight loss technique that helped me easily lose 10kg in just a few weeks.

It is proved that an excess of fat tissue is formed due to the expense of carbohydrates. That is why increasing the consumption of carbohydrates will inevitably lead to gaining weight. Besides carbohydrates are easily oxidized, so quickly replenish energy, thus “preserving” the body fat from disintegration.

What not to eat?

If you still want to lose weight, you need to:

– reduce calorie intake by 10-30% compared to the previous diet by reducing the consumption of starchy high-calorie foods: pasta, pastries, cereals, potatoes, sweets, and animal fats;

– maintain the same amount of food at the expense of low-calorie foods (raw fruits and vegetables), satisfying the appetite and improving the work of intestines. As an example, 1 tbsp of fat consists of 180 kcal and 100 g pickled cabbage – 12 kcal. This means that eating 1 tbsp of fat, you get the same amount of energy as it would get from 1.5 kg of pickled cabbage;

– avoid food that improves your appetite: spices, wine, alcohol, spicy snacks, pickles, sausage, mustard, horseradish;

– avoid or reduce the intake of food contributing to obesity:

  • yeast, beer, champagne;
  • potatoes;
  • sugar, honey, grapes, cantaloupe, raisins, figs, apricots, dried apricots, a fruit of them, strawberries;
  • milk, pork, white meat chicken and turkey, dishes prepared on the basis of cadaver extracts;
  • tomatoes, all kinds of cabbage, eggplant, nuts;
  • cakes, pastries, cakes, chocolate, cocoa, cream, halva, jams, and marmalades;

Limit the intake of salt, or obvious sources of salt such as dry soups, canned convenience foods, canned fish, sauces, breakfast cereals, a variety of fast food by-products, grain (especially wheat, on this, see Which meal is the most useful.), bacon, sausage, cream cheese, ketchup, tomato juice, horseradish, mustard, pickles, and nutritional supplements such as herbs and cubes magicians and more.

What then can we eat? Among the products, there is some food that helps to lose weight. Check the list of food in the ebook below. I wish you to lose weight easily. Thank you!

The Fat Obliterator by Joseph Rosa

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