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First – overeating, and the second – malnutrition. Let’s discuss a bit each of them. I will also offer you some rules for fast and effective fat burning. Overeating means that you absorb more calories than your body can use. As you might guess, the remaining part of the energy, the extra calories are deposited in the reserve, so-called fats. The body stores any excess fat to use it in case of unexpected food shortage.

Malnutrition – is consuming the insufficient amount of calories. Our body constantly requires energy, because it needs to maintain the proper work of the internal organs and the brain. And, if a person eats very little and very rare, for the normal functioning, our body has to get energy right out of itself.

Moreover, the splitting of subcutaneous fat appears to be a too slow process. Much faster will be to inject the secretion of the hormone cortisol into the blood. It almost immediately involves a chain of reactions that result in degraded muscle. Therefore, we need to eat exactly as much as we need.

Frequent meals

The first rule is that you should make it a habit of eating every 3 hours. Firstly, it will speed up the metabolism. Or simply put, the metabolic process, which directly depends on the rate of fat utilization. Each meal speeds up the metabolism by an average of 8-10%. This is extremely important for us.

Secondly, the energy obtained from food is enough for our body for only 3 h. After that, our brain receives information that a new batch of food is not received. It’s a stress for it – and a signal of a sharp slowdown in metabolism. Metabolism slows down, the fat burning process is completed, and further, there is producing of cortisol, which begins to “burn through” our muscles.

To avoid this, you need to eat again after 3 hours. And, thirdly, the body itself is very lazy. It does only what is vitally important. In particular, it requires continuous delivery of energy to the brain and muscles. For this reason, fat is accumulated and cortisol is produced. During frequent feeding of the body on a regular basis, energy will be stored anyway and, therefore, there will be no longer need in the internal reserves.

The body will stop accumulating the reserves. When there will be no longer need for the fat – it will disappear. The whole point is infrequent meals rather than in quantity of food consumed. By the way, be sure to download the guide by Anthony Turner. It will help you cope with the excess weight quickly. I recommend!

Increasing consumption of protein foods

Proteins are the basic building component of the body, and muscles itself. The regular entry of it into the body is as a signal to start the growth of all tissues. In the first place, increasing the secretion of anabolic hormones and the metabolism is accelerated. It normalizes the entire bodywork. Skinny people will grow into a mass, while fat ones will lose fat.

Reducing the consumption of fast carbohydrates

All carbohydrates have their own glycemic index. It displays the speed of its absorption by the body. Naturally, the faster they will be absorbed, the quicker we will feel hungry again. And that’s not at all what we need. So, it would be more proper to consume only slow carbohydrates.

Those, that have a low glycemic index, for example, most of the vegetables, brown rice, buckwheat, oatmeal. It’s better to avoid white rice, flour dishes, pasta, potatoes, sugar. Slow absorption of carbohydrates, will keep the insulin secretion at a constantly low level. And it is exactly insulin surges are making the body to gain extra weight. Thank you for attention!

Fat Burning Bible by Anthony Turner

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