FailProof Diet

Every time I start studying the energy values of food (especially good food!) I am shocked by the misbalance between the calories I eat and their extremely slow burn rate. You can eat even a tiny piece of chocolate, not even noticing the taste, but then you’ll have to spend many hours at the gym, working it off. Just sit at a holiday table for a little bit and afterward you will have to go for a long run.

This is extremely unfair! But it is possible to escape this situation with the help of the book “Failproof Diet”. You can download Daniel Miller’s guide using the link at the bottom of this page. In fact, I was able to easily lose 8 kilograms in just a few weeks with the help of this diet. I recommend Daniel’s manual to everyone who has excess weight. If you want to burn off calories faster than you intake them, then get ready to meet the best exercises that will help with this task.

Stairs and Burpees

There is nothing better than interval training for a full-body workout. Conjoin exercises of different intensities in order to receive a maximal result in a short time. For example, try going up the stairs, doing burpees at the top, and then going down again. Repeat the process for ten minutes.

Rock Climbing

It is easy enough to successfully walk or run on even ground, but, when you will try to climb up along a vertical wall you will understand that this is a hard activity. This kind of training will help you burn 118 calories in 10 minutes, and will show you just how much you don’t need the extra weight.

Exercise Bikes

You can lose about 139 calories in 10 minutes by combining an intensive workout on the exercise bike with regular intensity sprints.


You won’t lose a lot of energy just standing on the field, but an intensive fight for the ball, sprinting, and dribbling will help you lose about 107 calories in 10 minutes. This is also a great workout for the whole body because it involves many different motions for all muscle groups.

A Couple of Barbells

Simple exercises with barbells, done with a maximum level of intensity, can help you have a maximally effective 10-minute workout. Various jumps, squats, and swings with the weights will not only help you lose the extra kilograms but will also help you earn an attractive muscle structure.

Jump Rope

There is no better way to make your pulse faster than jumping with a jump rope. Even if you jump at an even pace (when you can still talk during the process), your body will burn about 107 calories in 10 minutes. Naturally, not everyone can jump for so long, so try doing it for 40 seconds, and then resting for 20. Do 10 reps.

Failproof Diet by Daniel Miller

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