The Shepherd’s Diet

Even in the 16th century in the work of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” by the mouth of the protagonist, the question is asked, “To be or not to be?”. This question is extensive because here you can logically substitute any verbs (may or may not work, lose weight or not lose weight, repent or not repent) and the essence remains the same – find the fateful decision! Five centuries later, nothing has changed!

After all, a sinful, fallen world is a world of extremes. And this exact world in its degradation only adds new nuances to such issues. The solution has always come from faith and belief and how we see the world is not changing beliefs for the better.

Today I would like to talk a bit about the “life-saving” dilemma for a modern society, especially the female half of it, which sounds like “to lose weight or not to lose.” While some gain weight rapidly, flouting basic, sensible rules and norms of power, others are fixated on how to lose weight quickly. Both are driven by the flesh.

Following the plan from The Shepherd’s Diet, you are bound to lose weight. So if you are worried about excess weight, be sure to read the guide ASAP. Worse would not exactly, but better is possible. Everything depends on the power of your mind.

The modern world imposes its standards of beauty through television, magazines, the Internet. It resides in the hearts of people like the idea of happiness, which is associated with it! People talk about this, read and watch, and they believe in it. It appears the idea that if you reach certain physical parameters of the body, then all or at least many of the problems will be solved at once by themselves.

Girl believes that after losing weight,  she will immediately be able to find a good fiancé and get married; woman believes that her husband will love her more if she loses weight; someone believes that he will be more likely to find a job; will have more friends; be able to minister in the church, etc.

In other words – people believe that losing weight will be able to make them happy. Dear ones, this is a diabolical lie! God has arranged the world so that no one and nothing in this world is able to make someone really happy, except yourself. A person can have all the riches of the world, the power to be the most beautiful in appearance, but at the same time be completely unhappy in general. Look at today’s celebrities. After all the news are filled with news of their destroyed homes, health, life.

Of course, someone will object, they say «I do not need this level». I do not want titles and magazine covers, I do not want fashion magazines and advertising. I just want to lose weight! I just want to be beautiful and feel good! I’m sorry, but if you have linked your desire to lose weight with a good sense of life in a given period of time; if that is what you wake up and go; you stand on the scale 2-3 times a day; if this is what controls your mood; if it is something that affects your relationships with the people around – it means that your desire has turned into lust, it has become a sin and the consequences of sin can already be seen in the confusion that filled your thoughts, feelings and your life. Take your mind into your hands right now and just get slimmer with Kristina’s diet system! Good luck to you!

The Shepherd’s Diet by Kristina Wilds

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