Old School Body Hacks

By Donna Jean | March 6, 2019

John RowleyWant to learn how to speed up your metabolism process (metabolism) after reaching the age of 35-40? I am pleased to present you the new book in PDF format “Old School Body Hacks“. Author of the book John Rowley will tell you his personal secrets that will help you speed up the metabolism and lose weight. Just a great e-book, I must say. I recommend it to download to all those who are over 30 and who have problems with excess weight. In youth metabolism in humans can vary depending on various conditions: power mode, sleep and rest, physical activity, and other aerobic exercise. But after 40 years there is a gradual slowing of metabolism, caused by natural causes. If you get involved in this rigid diets and physical inactivity, the body will begin to save power by turning off one of the other exchange processes.

Hence, appears overweight and malfunction of internal organs and systems. My friend had a similar situation when she was forced for a long time in a stationary state (after the accident). The first thought that occurred to her, is to limit the amount of food (up to a significant reduction in food rations) to avoid getting fat. This led to what began lethargy, weakness, and nausea. But the weight never left, even sometimes increased due to fluid retention in the body. It was necessary to find a solution to this problem and increase metabolism. At this time I came across the work by fitness trainer John Rowley, in which he called to relate to their metabolism as the engine of the machine. I gave her to read one of the books and she made the right changes in her diet, was able to bring her weight back to normal just a few months. Be sure to pay attention to your metabolism, if you are overweight.

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