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When we have belly fat, then an overwhelming desire to get rid of it comes immediately. This fat has the ability to hide in the unreachable areas, and it can be a big threat to human life. The lean people can have the belly fat too. Unfortunately, they are not aware of the malicious presence of fat in the waist area. Many people torment with the question of whether how this unpleasant mass appears in the body and how get rid of it?

Belly Fat: causes of appearance and methods of struggle

The fat stored in the abdomen is more dangerous than other fat deposits that can appear on the body. When there is too much fat in the abdomen, then it is significantly more dangerous than fat in the hips and buttocks. The problem is that the abdominal kind of fat has a direct connection with health and may cause very serious diseases.

It can be heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes. When a person has a genetic predisposition to excess weight or just has areas where it could be delayed in the fat, it leads to an unhealthy lifestyle, all of it speeds up fat storage and worsens health condition.

Many believe that drinking beer is sure the reason for beer belly growing. But a “beer belly” doesn’t grow after drinking beer. As a result of the conducted researches, it was established that belly fat and beer have no relationship to each other.

When you drink alcohol and eat large portions of food, which contains a large number of calories, this stimulates the accumulation of excess mass in the abdomen. But why does the belly in men begin to appear from drinking beer? It’s very simple ― from drinking alcohol appetite increases, as well as the influence of hormones.

Hormones respond to the regulation of satiety, and when drinking alcohol people always eat a lot of food and the body gets extra calories. You must always control yourself from eating too much food, as otherwise, it will lead to weight gain.

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TRANS-fats are the most dangerous for your belly. The presence in foods of fats will influence the increase in the volume of the abdomen and waist. But the overabundance of calories stimulates the growth of the belly. There are bad fats. It was proved that fat deposits on the abdomen after the use of TRANS fats. These harmful fats are contained in margarine, fast food, baked goods.

The male sex has the deposition of belly fat more often. Nature has created us so that men have fat in this place more often. All this is due to the fact that women and men have hormonal differences. Women under the age of 40 years will have deposits on the thighs and in the buttocks. At the age of 40 years and more, the level of estrogen in the body of women begins to decrease and this leads to the start of the fat deposit process in the abdomen.

It is not difficult to get rid of belly fat. When you lose weight, fat starts to descend from the belly. The best ways to reduce weight are physical exercise and diet that will reduce waist size.

“Fat” on your belly will not reduce when you sit up. Squat, sit-ups and exercise do not burn extra pounds from your belly directly. The reduction of this enemy happens throughout the body when you make exercises that strengthen the muscles. You can fight with fat throughout the body, not just on the belly, with the help of many physical exercises. Running, swimming, tennis, bike riding will be useful for losing fat.

Slim people have the extra fat deposits also. A person with normal weight also has abdominal fat. But even thin people can have a high level of visceral fat accumulated around vital organs. Such people often have overestimated blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and genetic predisposition.

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