My Bikini Belly

What to do, if holidays are coming in few weeks, even days and the figure is far from the dream, and the idea that you need to be in a swimsuit on the beach cause depression? The answer is simple – Shawna Kaminski’s fitness guide My Bikini Belly. In this manual, you will find everything you will need to bring the figure in order in a fast way. Read below a few tips for effective weight loss…

Tip number one

First of all, get the body rid of any excess fluid. It is known that adipose tissue (especially where the cellulite located) holds water, and the excess water easily can add us additional 1-2 kilograms of weight and centimeters around the waist and hips. The more extra weight you have – the more water retention can be. The easiest way — to go to a sauna, ideally 2-3 times a week before your holidays (do not forget to drink cleansing herbal teas – with raspberry, lime, chamomile, birch leaves, etc.) while you are there.

If you have less than a week – even one single visit to the steam room will give the effect. And a week before the holiday you have to abstain from salt (including «hidden» salt – contained almost in all “ready” products, including the bread in the supermarket), otherwise, you will simply reduce the effect of steamed procedures. Remember that where the salt is – there are swellings with the “water” kilograms.

Tip number two

Drink more water and eat less food. Simple way, but it really works. The first step is to minimize the sweets – including fruits and vegetables, that are better to eat only in the morning. Bake, roast, canned foods, pickles, semi-finished products – are banned products (in addition to the excess amount of sugar and fat such products are bad for the fact that they keep fluids in the body). The main thing is to keep your diet not less than 1500-1400 calories per day, and include healthy fats like vegetable oils, marine fish and seafood, avocado, nuts and seeds (no more than 30 grams of fat per day).

Also 2-3 days before the holidays better to exclude legumes, yeast foods, starchy vegetables and fruits, cabbage, milk, yogurt, raw apples, and raw tomatoes. They cause flatulence in the intestines, the stomach becomes not flat, which will be especially noticeable when you put on a dress or a bikini.

For the same reason the apple or kefir express diet – not the best idea on the eve of a trip to the south, to show your figure in all its glory you will have an opportunity only a day or two after the end of such diets. But rice, on the contrary, reduces gases (as well as get your body rid of the “extra” liquid). It is better to choose wild rice – it is most useful.

Even these two tips can change your body and reduce some weight. Well, if you want to lose weight and never gain it again, then download Shawna Kaminski’s eBook. She shows on a personal experience that you can lose weight fast and without any problem. I highly recommend this manual to all people who have a problem with extra weight. Thank you!

My Bikini Belly by Shawna Kaminski

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